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Video-gaga on YOUR' TUBE!

Deccan Chronicle| Cathline Chen

Published on: March 4, 2018 | Updated on: March 4, 2018

Young YouTubers in town have amassed a lot of fan followership. Here's how...

YouTubers Naser Al Azzeh and Vineeth Parvasthoor Rajkumar who call themselves Jordindian.

YouTubers Naser Al Azzeh and Vineeth Parvasthoor Rajkumar who call themselves Jordindian.

Nowadays, videos on YouTube aren’t all from the west. Many YouTubers from the country have also started gaining a massive following from the country. There used to be times when we would be excited to attend a YouTube Fan Fest, awaiting a foreign face. But, that is not the case anymore. Bengaluru also has a talented bunch of YouTubers that keep us happy! Some of our favourites are Aneesh Vidyashankar, Shravan Narayan and Sonu Venugopal who have never failed to entertain our souls!

Let’s hear from some of them and others from different cities that will be a part of the YouTube Fanfest in Bengaluru at White Orchid Convention Centre on March 10. A few who will be appearing in the event are Jordindian, Niharika NM, Kirik Keerthi, Social Media Star of Karnataka and our favourite Delhi South Indian Boy, Abish Matthews.

Among the hilarious YouTubers, Jordindian from Namma Ooru started by the hip-hop boys, Naser Al Azzeh and Vineeth Parvasthoor Rajkumar in 2016, let us in on how they started, "We always spoke of funny ideas and concepts when we were together and one day we decided to try and put the concepts in a video and see what would happen. We started Jordindian purely for fun and to channel our creativity into videos. Even today, we always keep that in mind and only post videos that would make us laugh and we have a lot of fun doing it."

They both believe, "We have seen a growth in YouTubers in the city and think it’s cool. We are sure that there will be a lot more to come in the next few years."

Gurashir Singh, a mechanical engineer from Mumbai who started his music channel called the ‘Singh Unplugged’ with Tanveer Singh in early 2017 managed to gain a massive following in the first couple of months. "It was our third or fourth video, where we did a mash-up song of Channa Meriya and Love me like you do and we gained 5 million subscribers the following month," says Gurashir.

Talking about emerging trends, he says, "I feel digital media has a strong influence these days. The new generation always keeps coming up with something new and if you are talented and do quality work, you can too own a successful channel. Though consistency is key," he adds.

Another YouTube influencer in the city, Sonu Venugopal thinks that the online platform has opened up a lot of avenues. "You just don’t have to stick to one channel as there are so many now, if you don’t like one you can always find another which you can relate to. Since, India has so many languages, it is hard to find a good comedy show in your regional dialect but YouTube opens up that space. Even though, you might not have such a large following like Kapil Sharma but you touch people’s hearts and that’s much more worth it."

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