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Banking on entertainment

Published Dec 4, 2016, 12:00 am IST
Updated Dec 4, 2016, 12:22 am IST
These young Bengalureans are prepping up to show their support to the bank employees with thoughtful gestures of appreciation.
Musician Aneesh (red) and his team will be  performing in the city
 Musician Aneesh (red) and his team will be performing in the city

Standing in serpentine queues can be arduous, alright. But, to think of it from a larger perspective, you really aren't on the receiving end of the stick – Bank employees, working round the clock, doing their bit to lessen the brunt of the crunch, are facing the trauma of it all. However, on the brighter side, namma ooru’s proactive folk are going all out to show their support to bank employees for their unrelenting support during the ongoing times of abrupt financial spot. We speak to a young zesty bunch of Bengalureans who give us their take on the same...

“As a radio presenter, I’m fortunate enough to be able to get the pulse of the city. It’s always easier to know what’s bothering the average Bengalurean out there. Interestingly, over the last couple of weeks, we had a lot of bank professionals calling in and asking us how stressful it was. The traffic of people waiting outside counters had bank workers not just forgo their weekends but something as basic as a lunch break. That’s when we decided to conjure up #Bharatpositive, a campaign, which had us showing up at banks and serving them freshly baked cupcakes. And despite the mad rush, the smile on their faces were priceless. I think more than a sweet gesture, the intend was to make a start to getting city goers to acknowledge the effort of people, we unconsciously take granted for,” shares RJ Sriram Sullia, who also has a few other exciting events lined up in store.  What’s more, the recent scenario has also moved regular young adults in town to do their bit. Speaking about the same, Abhishek Iyengar, of WeMove Theatre says, “I plan on putting up an exclusive comedy show in the second week of December to put the bank employees at ease. The idea is to help them have the de-stress a little and take a breather which they deserve.”


For young musicians Aneesh Vidyashankar and guitarist Monjoyti Bhattacharya, its  all about infusing some soulful beats into the ambush filled scenario. After going live with a series on Facebook, the duo are prepping up for a gig at the banks, “As a gesture, I want to do something special. We have spoken to a couple of banks like the Yes Bank and the Karnataka Bank to conduct a special violin performance for employees during their lunch break. Given how tight packed things seem, we just hope to make it happen, and strike the right note - quite literally!” Aneesh opines in conclusion.