Trump could be making Democrats fat, survey finds

Democrats like Barbra Streisand are more likely to eat their feelings and drink their sorrows to cope with midterm election stress.

Recently Barbra upset by the state of American politics that she's taken to stress-eating pancakes and it is making her gain weight.

It turns out that she is not alone. A survey found that people who identify as Democrats - which Streisand adamantly does - said they are 'eating their feelings' to cope with the political climate.

The survey was conducted by YouGov on behalf of the health tracker app, Daily Burn.

According to the survey, Democrats were also about twice as likely to admit to drinking more as they look ahead to the polls.

Notably, while Republicans were less likely to indulge their vice, Democrats were 40 percent more likely to be letting off steam and stress by working out.

Earlier in the year the American Psychological Association (APA) published the findings of its 2016 survey on stress which said that two thirds of Americans said that politics was fraying their nerves, no matter which side of the aisle they sat on. Even teenagers and youth in the US cite politics a stressor.

There are plenty of immediate symptoms and signs of stress and one of the first behaviours to change is appetite. Some people lose all desire for food in tense times, while others have trouble controlling themselves.

Barbra Streisand falls into the latter category, as she first confessed to twitter in March.

Researchers think that the stress hormone may increase general appetite and sugary and fatty foods seem tickle our brains into releasing the feel-good neurochemical, dopamine, which has the opposite effect of stress.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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