Video: Move over homeopathy, products inspired by 'Cowpathy' are here

The manufacturers insist that only 'desi' cows and not Jersey cows have medicinal properties.

Mumbai: Cows are at the centre of storm taking shape in our country with the beef ban and the outrage caused by a series of lynchings in the name of cow protection. But as the controversy intensifies, there are those who swear by the health benefits of everything from cow milk to cow urine and cow dung.

While several bizarre claims are being made about what cows can do, a line of products made from cow urine and cow dung is being sold under the brand name of Cowpathy. In a video doing the rounds on Facebook, products like toothpaste made from cow dung, floor cleaner made from cow urine and soaps made from cow urine and curd can be seen at an outlet.

The owner of the outlet also goes on to insist that only ‘desi’ cows have medicinal properties and not Jersey cows. The aim is to create an economy from cow urine and cow dung.

As the cow continues to be in the spotlight with Baba Ramdev bringing floor cleaners with 'holy cow urine' and women being advised to use cow urine for glowing like Cleopatra, this unusual venture might just gain some attention.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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