Toxic Aunty

Published May 3, 2019, 12:00 am IST
Updated May 3, 2019, 12:34 am IST
In a shocking video that has since gone viral, a middle-aged woman was caught shaming a young girl for her attire and threatening her with rape.
Soma Chakrabarty
 Soma Chakrabarty

While Delhi is often called a rape capital for being voted the most unsafe city for women, a latest incident in upmarked Gurgaon cafe only brings out the murky psychology of people behind the safety of the national capital region.

In a most shocking incident a middle-aged woman, Soma Chakrabarty supublicly shamed a girl for wearing ‘provocative’ “rape inviting dress,” (short dress), exposing her thighs.


The incident that took place, when a group of girls walked into upscale Nukkadwala cafe in Gurgaon, has gone viral on social media. The lady has finally apologised on social media after much pressure.

She had allegedly passed lewd comments at a girl Shivani Gupta who had come to the restaurant with her friends, saying “you deserve to get raped.”

This made the girls uncomfortable that led to a verbal rift between both parties. Shivani, the victim alleged, they had just ordered food and while they were waiting, a lady in mid-fifties signalled her to join her table. As she approached the table, the lady pointed at her short skirt and gave her a lecture on her inappropriate attire.


The incident, recorded and shared on Facebook, Instrgram by Shivani and two of her friends, caught everyone’s attention. In the video, they were seeking an apology but the women allegedly said, “They deserve to be raped” because of the length of the dress she was wearing. The video shows women facing the camera and saying “Hello guys, these ladies want us to wear short dresses to encourage all to see them... and ladies who wear short dress invite rape.”

The girls got immense support on social media. Instrgram later deleted their post saying, “We removed your post because it doesn’t follow our community guidelines. If you violate our guidelines again, your account may be restricted or disabled.”


It is believed the woman even had the audacity to address seven men sitting in the restaurant to rape the girls because she felt they deserve it for wearing such clothes and even walked out.

It seems later on the lady was asked demanded an apology but nothing moved her at that moment.

Former NCW chief and Congress MP Girija Vyas feels the behaviour is inappropriate, saying, “She shouldn’t have done it.”

As activist Kavita Krishnan puts it, “Good thing she has apologized later. That’s how society works.”


This is a positive outcome where the younger generation has been able to push back and change her attitude. At least she has realized her fault. That’s what society is all about – to bring in a change.”

Famous Youtuber Ashish Chanchlani comments, “ I will make sure this reached everyone, this aunty is disgusting” and posted a video supporting them.

Internet is filled with lots of comments and support; people are posting opinion on their feeds. It’s not because a woman commented another woman it’s about her mentality which was being reflected by her words and for all those who feel this way that shot dressed girls invite rape. Urvi says, “We won’t let our outrage die. We will make sure the woman learns her lesson. Well, it is only shameful for women to be calling her a woman!”


Now Shivani has 64.4K followers on Istagram.“There are two things one got to observe, how people generally look at women. This entitlement has been primarily promoted by the political outlook too.

In schools and colleges, teachers and principals routinely indulge in these things There are larger problem, which needs to be addressed. Good to see a pushback from the younger generation,” adds Krishnan.