Airport Etiquette

l don't stand too close to another person while in a queue.

With the government launching a low-cost airline with the UDAN scheme, the number of flyers is likely to go up substantially. This makes it all the more important now, for passengers to be well aware of airline etiquette. Etiquette expert Suneeta Kanga, who started off her career as an air hostess on an International airline, shares some tips.

l Say please, thank you, could you and kindly at every stage, right from security to alighting from a plane.

l Don’t stand too close to another person while in a queue. Also don’t bump your trolleys into those around you.

l After getting into the shuttle bus, occupy the space at either ends of the vehicle and make way for others who are entering. It is good manners for youngsters to offer their seats to the elderly, pregnant women, or the disabled.

l Especially during service, ask the person seated behind you if you can recline your chair, to make sure they don’t want to use the tray.

l The person sitting near the window must use the hand rest closest to the window, the passenger at the aisle must lean towards the isle and since the person in the middle is already wedged in-between the two, they must have minimum luxury of being able to use the hand rests on either sides.

l Parents travelling with kids must train them beforehand, so they don’t kick or thump others’ seats. Take along video games, crayons, etc. To keep them occupied.

l Toddlers cry on a place as their ears get blocked. Parents must feed them so the suckling motion of the jaws will clear their ears.

l While on long flights, don’t call for food but walk up to the galley and help yourselves, as long as you’re sitting on the aisle seat.

l While placing your luggage in the overhead compartment, keep the case vertically and not horizontally, to make space for others.

l While getting up, don't take the support of the headrest that's in front of you since you may pull the seat down, or may even tug at a person's hair.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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