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Pyramid healing: Power which heals seven chakras of body

Published Mar 3, 2016, 12:11 am IST
Updated Mar 3, 2016, 4:53 am IST
The pyramid’s power is considered to have supernatural or paranormal properties.
Meditating or just taking a nap under a pyramid helps synchronise the seven chakras of the body
 Meditating or just taking a nap under a pyramid helps synchronise the seven chakras of the body

In today’s world, stress and tension rule pretty much the entire universe. These issues are caused due to lack of positivity and direction in the lives of individuals.

Sleeping pills and muscle relaxants have made their way into the homes of millions as an easy escape from psychological problems. But there is a better alternative — your subconscious mind, which is not as mysterious or as inaccessible as you might think.


It is only our thought process that makes us calm or agitated. To deal with all these problems, what we have to do is to change the turbulent behaviour into peaceful behaviour through Pyramid therapy which is done under a geometrical shaped structure that is formed by four equilateral triangles of the same size on a square base in such a manner that it forms an apex on that square base.

It is one of the most powerful tools to heal your chakras and harmonise your mind, body and soul. The pyramid’s power is considered to have supernatural or paranormal properties.


This power is said to preserve food, maintain the sharpness of razor blades, improve health, trigger sexual urges and cause other dramatic effects.

The concept of pyramidology is said to have originated from many parts of  the world but Egypt is on the top when it comes to talking about the subject indepth and the mystery surrounding it.

Now coming back to chakras that also mean the wheels of light in Sanskrit. The chakras are the seven power points in the human body that circulate energy or the life force also known as prana.

They are vertically aligned in the center of the body close to the spine. If the chakras are unbalanced — not properly aligned or blocked — it can affect physical and mental health. The spiritual development is also connected with the good health of the chakra.


Pyramid has a special property to deflect any type of cosmic radiations that fall on its apex downwards through its base line at the bottom where this deflected cosmic radiation, with the help of magnetic field of Earth’s gravitational force, create a new and powerful bio-energy field.

Secondly as pyramid deflects all radiations that fall on its apex through its bottom from all of its four sides, the inner center of the pyramid remains unaffected and safe, and surrounded by a powerful bio-energy field on all sides, which helps to preserve the things and objects kept in the pyramid for a long time.


Pyramids have a strong ionisation effect within the body. Negative ions enhance the oxygen intake of the human body and through that, strengthen well-being. Meditating under pyramid or just taking a nap under a pyramid helps to synchronise the seven chakras of the body.

Many people experience feelings ranging from calmness to extreme euphoria during their meditation sessions inside the pyramids. Most people, who have experimented with pyramid meditation, describe themselves as experiencing a total relaxation of their body, followed by the shutting out of unnecessary external stimuli and irrelevant thoughts and finally achieving an altered state of consciousness which allows them to concentrate on deeper inner levels.


The writer is a Reiki food expert and director at Neelvow Corporation Pvt. Ltd