All is in the Well'ness

This life coach will offer tips on how to lead a stress free life at her seminar.

She is a real inspiration for many. Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD), an international speaker, author and trainer in the wellness, healing and coaching arena will be motivating people in the city at the free seminar on March 5 at Rotary House, Indiranagar in the city.

Speaking about her journey, she says, “After I healed from three illnesses I left my corporate job and was at home in London wondering how I was going to pay my mortgage. I had already trained myself in over 200 healing modalities as part of my own inner growth and was organically working with clients. It was on one such day when I heard from a spiritual seeker who had heard about stress relief techniques that I teach. That was when I founded Vitality Living College, an adult learning organisation dedicated to personal development, emotional well-being and spiritual growth.”

Dr Rangana conducts seminars and workshops to create health, happiness and vitality as well as certify those who want to become professionally qualified in holistic healing and coaching.

A PhD from Oxford University in biochemistry and cancer research, she has also mastered Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). “I frequently travel between India, South East Asia, Middle East and Europe. My mother lives only two hours from Bengaluru, so I come here often to share precious time with her. I also used Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to reprogramme my negative behaviour which freed me from the corporate treadmill I was on. It was shortly after when I discovered Matrix Reimprinting, which heals our past experiences through the “inner child” and resets the nervous system for healing,” reveals Dr Rangana, while talking about how she cured herself from three illnesses and changed the course of her life.

She adds, “I’m travelling the world and sharing healing modalities through seminars and certification trainings. The inner healing helps people overcome various negative issues.”

About her stay in Bengaluru, she concludes, “After the free seminar here, I will be staying on to facilitate EFT training from March 28-30 and coaching programmes to create the life you want from April 6-12.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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