Video: Helpless Delta passengers sit soaking wet from flight's ceiling

Watch how one of the passenger's reacts to the incident.

On Friday, passengers on a Delta flight to Florida sat helplessly as water trickled onto them from the ceiling of the plane.

In a video posted on Twitter, one of the passengers can be seen trying to protect himself using a magazine. Even though he was drenched with water, that would have anyone in his situation upset, the man can be see laughing over the unfortunate incident.

However, who wasn’t laughing was the man’s son Tommy McCullough, who posed the footage social media. "Hey @Delta, be glad my father is such a good sport about sitting in water for a whole flight," he captioned the video.

Tommy told NBC 4 New York the ceiling started leaking while he and his family were flying from Atlanta. He claimed at least six other people got wet too.

McCullough also revealed that flight attendants didn't do anything about the leak until much later when they shoved napkins into the ceiling.

As compensation for the inconvenience, passengers were only given $100, the Daily Mail reported.

Watch the video here:

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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