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The Himalayan ‘wren’egades!

Published Jul 2, 2016, 12:00 am IST
Updated Jul 2, 2016, 12:29 am IST
Three women from Karnataka—two from Bengaluru and one from Mysuru are all set to ride through the most challenging locales in the Himalayas.
Though riding tops the chart when it comes to their passion, the three women also enjoy varied interests.
 Though riding tops the chart when it comes to their passion, the three women also enjoy varied interests.

For the longest time, haven’t mean machines been synonymous with macho men? Well, this state-based trio is out to challenge the norm — Sharada Shastry, Madhuri Bisarahalli and Soumya Pankaj will be traversing through some of the world’s highest memorable passes and unforgettable vistas, at the first women’s Himalayan Odyssey edition — on their motor bikes, of course! We get chatty with the girls, who tell us more…

“Have you met anyone jumping onto the two wheels solely after reading instructions off the tank of a motorcycle? Well, you now have, after meeting me!” quips Madhuri Bisarahalli, a performance test engineer, speaking about her tryst with motor biking. However, attributing the upcoming participation to a wonderful stroke of luck, she shares “In 2011, 11 Indian women rode to the highest motorable road in the world.


This was the first all-women group to do so. A record was created and history was made. Unfortunately I couldn’t be a part of it. But then again, life gives you second chances – and here it is! The fact that this edition is all women is inspiring and empowering!”  The women’s edition will see 20 participants from across the country cover about 2,200 kilometers on their bikes, as part of the 17-day adventure.

With the biking odyssey ready to be flagged off from New Delhi on July 9, are the feisty girls all set to race? To which, Soumya replies, “More than a race or a challenge, I see it as a ‘dream-come true’ opportunity of sorts. It’s been a life long dream to ride at the Himalayas! So, when I came across this initiative, I knew it was my chance.”


  Whereas, Sharada believes her participation is due to her family’s support.  “In fact it was my dad who taught me how to ride a bullet. I’m a part of this is solely because of my parents,” beams the mechanical engineer, who will be riding her dad’s Thunderbird 350 at the Himalayan Odyssey.

Though riding tops the chart when it comes to their passion, the three women also enjoy varied interests. “Art and craft, social service and save nature activities are some of my other passions. 

Being an instructional designer by profession, I’ve been driven towards adventure sports. So, I’m indulging myself in either of these during my free time," states Soumya.


On the other hand, Madhuri tells us how she’s quite a water baby. “I believe a dip relaxes your body, mind and soul. Other than that, I like painting and pottery too. Whereas, Sharada is an active trekker, animal lover and Odissi dancer, who takes to the stage whenever she gets the time.

“ These are the things I love to do, with the extra time in my hands!” she reveals.
Speaking about their expectations from the forthcoming event, the trio sign off by chorusing , “We have our fingers crossed.  Let’s wait and watch!”