Building a smart city

A city-based consultancy firm developed a software module to reduce the carbon footprint of cities.

The Indian government may be talking of smart cities, but a Hyderabad-based consultancy firm has already developed a software module by which a city can become carbon-neutral with the help of its citizens.

The smart city programme is soon going live in Copenhagen, Denmark and includes developing an integrated data service of smart lighting, sensor-based traffic management, intelligent building management, etc.

P. Uday Chander, senior vice president, Hitachi Solutions and the brain behind the smart module will need data of public departments and private companies, to make headway for ‘City Data Exchange’ (CDE).

CDE is a platform which enables companies to come together to meet the challenges of sustainability and improve quality of life. Using the CDE, companies and citizens can compare and rate their energy consumption and Green House Gas (GHG) footprint, and relate those measurements to key business and personal metrics. The CDE can be replicated in India, if there is a will and initiative from both the government and citizens.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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