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Closet confessions

Published Jun 1, 2019, 12:33 am IST
Updated Jun 1, 2019, 12:33 am IST

To clear the clutter at home, everyone needs a good closet – not only it is the most functional element of a bedroom but it also helps in keeping a check on everyday items. The key to a woman’s heart lies in the closet, and while designing it one must first count the smallest requirements and the specifications to accommodate everything properly.

Walk-in closet
In a walk-in closet, one should give his and her dresser. The dresser drawer must be interestingly planned with drawers to accommodate all the cosmetics of different shapes and sizes. Architect Asumi Rawat points out, “There can be added details in a closet -- drawers for lipsticks, for watches, for a makeup brush, pencil, and perfumes. The closet for the handbags must have breathing shutters for leather bags to not get spoilt. The shoe cabinets should be designed taking into consideration the different sizes of the heels. The belt drawer must have proper slots designated for the belt.  Also one can create various effects with the help of light and mirror- at one site we have added a mirror in the background so the closet looks double the width.” Mirrors can create a dynamic expansive feeling and give your closet a glamourous look.

On the other hand, interior designer Vaishnavi Pratima suggests that compartmentalising is the key to get the closet right. “Make separate sections for formal wear, casual and gym wear. Incorporate convertible accessories for neckties, belts, shoes and watches. Colour blocking with velvet drawers can add a swanky look,” she says.

Design Aspect
With some smart designs and functional space ideas, one can create a high-quality closet in the pocket-friendly budget, mentions Sourabh Papneja, co-founder of a famous studio. He says, “The first thing to decide is how to
create the most functional space possible. A high-quality door and drawers, installed accessories, finishes, lighting, and layout options create a custom-designed and organised space. One can choose from different type of doors -— a sliding door, coplanar door or hooked doors. One can also choose a modular wardrobe that is available in variousfinishes like matte finish, glossy, textured look, and glass painted look — depending on the type of wood used to build it. Mostly medium density fiber wood and plywood (commercial ply or marine ply) are used to build a closet.”

From portable closets to interesting luxury ideas-- closets can be converted into interesting corners where one can spend hours admiring the clothes. Mughda Bhagchandka, creative lead at  a  design studio, says, “Closets shouldn’t just be structures as a part of your room, using interesting design techniques and add sharpness using metal handles, and marble or onyx door knobs. If you want to maximize space, positioning shelves above the hanging space is a smart move ergonomically. Drawers add considerably to the price of a built-in closet, confine the layout and waste space. There are numerous ways to amp your closet area but keeping it classic and chic is the way to go. Adding elements like a pop of colour to the back of your wardrobe or door handles is one way to create a fun composition to the space. Metal door handles in different shapes and sizes can turn a dreary dark wood closet into a piece of modern art. Automated lighting inside a closet is not only essential but also convenient for the home owner, and its added advantage and a mood setter.”



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