Pakistani girls share ridiculous reasons for being rejected for marriage

Apart from weight and skin colour, things like a woman being too educated and working were a problem.

Finding the right person to get married is important since it means getting into a life long commitment no one can afford to mess up. But in our society while women face pressure to get married, there are several other societal norms they are subjected to, be it body image or their skin colour.

Several ridiculous for prospective brides can often be seen in matrimonial columns in India, and now women from Pakistan are sharing their plight which is not much different from the situation on this side of the border. Twitter was abuzz with Pakistani girls describing the most absurd reasons for which they were rejected.

Skin colour, weight and age were some of the most common reasons given by people to reject girls.

There were also factors like the girl being ‘rude’ along with too educated, working woman, too introverted and even a girl reading ‘too much’ was a problem.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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