What’s in store in 2020

Published Jan 1, 2020, 1:25 am IST
Updated Jan 1, 2020, 1:25 am IST
As the New Year dawns, new hopes and plans are beginning to emerge.
(Photo: Vajiravelu N)
 (Photo: Vajiravelu N)

The year gone by has surely given us plenty of reasons to celebrate, hope for more and also put some unpleasant memories behind. Most certainly the year 2020 is going to be a year of promise and power. Chennai Chronicle wishes you a year full of personal rewards, professional highs, peace and prosperity.

As the New Year dawns, new hopes and plans are beginning to emerge. Astrologer Mahesh Varma predicts what 2020 has in store for the nation, Tamil Nadu, politicians and celebrities.


India this year:

Rising Lagna of January 1, 2020 is Kanya and five planets are in the fourth house, indicating a good time for India. Venus as the Finance Lord in the 5th house is favourable for industrial growth and business.  Sun Saturn and Ketu in the 4th will create some internal tensions but after June, things will settle down.

There will be two minor earthquakes in north India.

India will shine in sports this year because Mars is in the 3rd house.

There will be good rains.

Gold and the metals market in general will flourish.  

Share market will be good after June.

Relations with USA and UK and European countries will be good and Russia will support India in all fronts as Mars is in the 3rd house.

National and TN leaders
Narendra Modi: Rashi is Vrischika - star is Anuradha. This year he will do some great work for the country as his dasa of Moon and antardasa of Venus, the lords are both in Kendra.  So he will get name and fame globally from January 24.  He will be more confident in his work.  Will start new policies for the development of India and will be successful in all fronts. His health will be good. He should avoid meeting people in the garden and places of worship as Rahu in the 8th house will disturb peace.

Amit Shah: Rasi is Mesha - Saturn is in the 6th house. He will overcome all enemies. Venus parivartan Sun is raj yoga; hence he will do anything confidently. The Dasa of Rahu and antara of moon will create some minor opposition.

Rahul Gandhi: Rashi is Vrishchik. This year will be good compared to last year. Dasha of Mars and antara of Saturn is average till September. Mars and sun in the lagna will give him confidence in his work. He should take care of his health and speech as Rahu in the 8th house will create unnecessary problems. This year he may lose some of his friends.

Edappadi K Palaniswami: Rashi is Simha. He will do well, as Jupiter is favouring him after January 24.  He will overcome all his enemies and opposition. He will work with self-assurance for the people of Tamil Nadu. He will start new industries in various sectors, which will fetch him a good name.

O Panneerselvam: Rashi is Meenam. Saturn is favouring him this year. Jupiter is also in a place which is beneficial to him. He will work hard and will be in a good position to help the people of Tamil Nadu.

MK Stalin:  Rashi is Simha. As per data available, Jupiter is favouring him this year. So, he will be confident in his work.  He will rise to higher positions. He will achieve political success. Rahu is favouring him too, which will help him to overcome all obstacles in life.

Vijayakanth:  Rashi is Thulam. From January 24, Saturn moves to Makara rasi, which will create tension and problems related to finance and business. Jupiter in the 3rd house will create problems related to friends and close family members and unnecessary issues will crop up. He should take care of his health.

TTV Dhinakaran:  Rashi is Tulam. Saturn moving to the 4th house will cause disturbances in his life, and create obstacles in finance and decision making.  

Jupiter in the 3rd house creates confusion with friends and followers, so he should think twice before speaking in public or taking any decision.

Kamal Haasan: Rashi is Meenam. Mixed results for him this year.  He will gain prominence from February. Dasha of Venus antara of Kethu will give him health issues. Politics this year will be average. Travel will give him peace.  Jupiter in the 10th and Rahu and Ketu in 4th and 10th houses will disturb him.


Rajinikanth: Rashi is Makram. Saturn and Jupiter in the 12th house from his rasi will confuse him about starting a political career. Mercury Dasha is not good,

which will also affect decision making and create health problems. After November 2020, he will be in position to take strong decisions.  He will have peace in his life. Saturn will bring him lot of money, name and fame. From February he will be busy in cinema career and travel.

Vijay: Rashi is Cancer. Jupiter in 6th rashi is not good.  He will earn a good name, but he has to be careful with friends and all the documents related to business.  He will not enter politics this year.  He will be busy in cinema.

Dhanush: Rashi is Kumbham. This year will be good for his career.  He will earn money without hurdles and obstacles.  His popularity will increase and he will earn more followers this year

Ajith: Rashi is Cancer. This year he will flourish in his career and make good friends. Jupiter in the 6th house will cause him to work hard and travel more for his work. 

Vishal: Rashi is Kumbham.  Jupiter and Saturn in the 11th house will fetch him name and fame. He will do well this year.  He will work hard and get the support of peers.