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What Are The Challenges of International Relocation?

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Published on: June 30, 2023 | Updated on: June 30, 2023
A new place means a new culture, climate, lifestyle, food, and more are waiting for you. While this relocation can offer new experiences and adventures, it can also lead to a few challenges, especially when it is an international one. (Image: Facebook)

A new place means a new culture, climate, lifestyle, food, and more are waiting for you. While this relocation can offer new experiences and adventures, it can also lead to a few challenges, especially when it is an international one. (Image: Facebook)

Greater professional opportunities, improved living standards, superior healthcare facilities, better educational opportunities, and other factors all serve as motivators for people to relocate. A new place means a new culture, climate, lifestyle, food, and more are waiting for you. While this relocation can offer new experiences and adventures, it can also lead to a few challenges, especially when it is an international one.

These challenges can be daunting for an individual, as it is a multi-step procedure requiring several adjustments and preparations. If not addressed properly, then the joy of relocating to a new place can deliberately turn into an adverse situation. Listed below are some of the challenges that people are likely to face when they are planning to move abroad.

Complicated paperwork

The visa regulations and related documentation can be complicated as they differ from country to country. Furthermore, the paperwork is also influenced by the country a person is currently living in. Staying long-term in any country requires a list of documents that you need to present in front of immigration officers. Despite the digitalization of the procedures, this step remains complicated, especially if you are applying for a particular work visa. However, the information regarding the paperwork can be found on the websites of the respected countries to which you are trying to migrate. It is critical to select the appropriate type of work visa, as each has its own set of limitations and requirements. However, in a bid to make this process easier, it is advised to work with professionals who can aid you not only with the relocation but also the documentation and visa process in a hassle-free manner.

Unexpected expenses

When deciding where to relocate, we rarely consider the unforeseen expenses of moving abroad. It can be expensive to move abroad, and you might not have planned for some of the fees that could come as unwelcome shocks. The primary cost an individual has to bear is packing and shipping costs if they plan to move on their own. On the one hand, where packing all the household items can be daunting, the cost of moving them can only add to the challenge.

Furthermore, you could have to pay expensive visa costs depending on the nation you choose to emigrate to. Moreover, there are customs taxes and duties you need to pay in a few countries, which may also include the local inspection fee. These are the expenses aside from the main cost of living, travel, and new household items that you might need to purchase once you relocate to a new place. However, the packaging and moving expenses can be taken care of with the help of a moving company.

Finding an accommodation

Finding a suitable place to live abroad can be a challenge for expatriates. Whether someone plans to rent a house or buy it, it is still a difficult mission to pull off as one might not be familiar with the local housing markets. Navigating the real estate market in a foreign nation with a different currency and various legal requirements can be a task in and of itself. In addition, finding a secure, liveable environment that has all the amenities and has access to important locations such as hospitals, airports, and schools is still a tough task for a single individual. However, these challenges can be addressed with the assistance of moving specialists. They can assist you with key tasks, including finding houses that fit your needs, scheduling visits on your behalf, negotiating contracts, and even assisting with the shipping of your belongings from overseas to furnish your new home.

However, in a bid to make the relocation process smooth and stress-free, individuals must consider an appropriate move companion. Though, there might be myriad of service providers in the markets, but one needs to differentiate the best out of them with certain aspects in mind.

Selecting the right service provider

Relocating can be a tedious and daunting process, and there are risks related to it such as loss or damage to goods, failure of customer service, failure to meet security requirements, and more. Therefore, for a person to choose the right moving company, they should consider several factors, which include their expertise, reputation in the market, clientele apart from just the cost of services. Furthermore, it is evident that you should also ask certain questions before you proceed to take a service. Primarily, whether the moving company is licenced or not and what credibility they possess. Usually, an expert moving company will possess industry certifications such as ISO 9001-2015, FIDI, PAIMA, IAM, WORLDWIDE ERC, EURA, IPATA, WECONNECT INTERNATIONAL, HARMONY RELOCATION, FFFAI, and FIATA.

Moreover, you should also ask your mover whether they have sufficient manpower and how they handle the goods, or if they will be responsible for packaging the goods. In addition, the company must also be asked about the safety and security measures of their warehousing facility to ensure the safety of your goods. An efficient moving company will have multiple branches across the globe, and that will ensure that your relocation process will be hassle-free, secure, and smooth.

All things considered

Moving abroad can be exciting for individuals, but it also often entails new challenges such as complicated paperwork, unexpected expenses, and finding a suitable accommodation. Therefore, while moving to a global location, it is evident that a person should do research about what to expect before, during, and after the relocation process. Doing everything on your own can be overwhelming for people owing to the complexity and costs that come along with the relocation process.

However, taking assistance from relocation service experts can make the procedure easier and more straightforward. They will not only aid you in packing and moving but can also aid in finding accommodations as per your budget, area, and amenities. Furthermore, they can also ensure a smooth transition through the immigration process while assisting with the complete documentation procedure.Individuals can double-check the security of the relocation process by asking for recommendations from ex-pat communities while also seeking advice from relocation experts. That will surely help them to clarify the clutter and choose the right moving company. Still, challenges will continue to be a part of relocation processes; however, having an expert at your disposal simplifies the complexity and provides you with a seamless experience.

The article is written by Aakanksha Bhargava, CEO of  PM Relocations

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