This phone booth in Japan lets you talk to dead people

Family members and tourists visit the hill to talk to the deceased

For the faint hearted, this might come as a surprise but a town in Japan actually has a phone booth they use to talk to the dead. Otsuchi which was hit by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011 along with other cities in Japan has the phone booth on a hill for people to talk to their dead family members that they lost in the calamity.

According to a report in Travel and Leisure, the phone booth which is just like any other is used by locals and tourists to talk their loved ones as and when they miss them. However, the phone is disconnected which means the person can talk into thin air to deal with their grief. The town was destroyed within 30 minutes had over 10 percent of its population killed in the calamity and had many grieving people.

The phone booth was however installed by a man named Itaru Sasaki who couldn’t get over the death of his cousin and found it hard to use a normal phone and so he built the phone booth to help him come to terms with the death. The eerie phone booth is situated on a grassy hill a few hours away from Tokyo.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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