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After fuel price cut, roadies head out

Published May 29, 2022, 10:09 am IST
Updated May 29, 2022, 10:09 am IST
Motoring fans from Hyderabad plan trips to distant places
Roadies from Hyderabad Anup Kumar, Nishith Kapoor and Nayaab Sharma take off to Ladakh from the city on three bikes. (DC)
 Roadies from Hyderabad Anup Kumar, Nishith Kapoor and Nayaab Sharma take off to Ladakh from the city on three bikes. (DC)

HYDERABAD: With the Centre slashing petrol and diesel prices, travel enthusiasts are back with exciting road trip plans. Several groups from the city took off to different destinations across the country on their bikes or cars during the last weekend.

“We had plans for an elaborate road trip this summer and were seriously considering to use our friend’s EV (electric vehicle) car to save on the fuel, even though we are bike lovers,” said Avijit Sharma, 21, a resident of Kowkur.

Thanks to the sudden decision to cut down fuel prices, the trip became fairly affordable and we were able to start off the journey on Monday. We are touring the entire south till Rameshwaram and will be heading back home after two weeks,” he said. Aviijit is touring with three of his friends.

Meanwhile, Anup Kumar, Nishith Kapoor and Nayaab Sharma took off to Ladakh from Hyderabad on three bikes.

“We usually go around the neighbouring states but had the ‘Ladakh trip’ planned this year. Fuel hike dampened our spirits, but the move to cut down the rate, even though marginal, came as a sigh of relief. We thought it might get worse if we postpone further and just left. The trip should be now done with a little relief,” said Anup Kumar.

However, Rohan Gupta, a frequent off-roader, as he calls himself, says that for car journeys, this is still not enough cut. “Car trips involve toll booth charges, extra fuel and the whole thing just adds up a lot in the end. A bike trip during summer time, especially in south India may lead to severe health issues, starting from sun stroke, dehydration, physical exertion etc. I don’t think it would be foolishly optimistic of me to wait for further cuts and take my car for a nice drive to Chirala or Gokarna,” he said.

Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad


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