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Seema Gurnani: Story of a traveller, believer and conqueror

Published Jul 28, 2019, 1:40 pm IST
Updated Jul 28, 2019, 8:25 pm IST
Seema Gurnani - Founder of PandaReviewz. (Photo: File)
 Seema Gurnani - Founder of PandaReviewz. (Photo: File)

Blogging is becoming a saturated market and with so many new blogs being made every single day, it is not surprising that the competition is rising in the market. But, that has never deterred the PandaReviewz owner, Seema Gurnani from doing things she is passionate about.

The 24-year-old, contrary to popular beliefs, didn’t get it handed down to her. She has learned all along the way and is conquering it all. With so many criticisms splurging around, it isn’t surprising that this budding entrepreneur has got it good for herself now and is today running one of the popular  Indian travel blogs where she shares her travel discoveries and food stories.

In some conversation caught along, Seema found it amazing to share the thrill and fun she gets with her bout of solo travelling. According to her, she wanted to work in something that she was passionate about and travel and food are just the two topics that enticed her.

Emphasizing her thoughts on this, Seema says, “I find peace in travelling along because I don’t have to pace through with others. I can be as fast and as slow as I want to be. This allows me to get a better look around the place and try out things that I would have otherwise missed out on.”

Touching on the subject of safety, when we asked her, she smiled and replied saying, “There are risks and lack of security in every profession and line of work. I started to travel solo when I was 16, and if one is responsible and cautious travelling solo is very much safe."

PandaReviewz has garnered a lot of popularity over the course of years and is consistently growing and is one of the best Indian travel blogs today.  For someone from Vijayawada, a city in the southern part of India, Seema has definitely outdone her resources and is on the way to become renowned internationally as well.

When we asked her what it is that she likes about solo travelling, she said that it was the sense of comfort and accomplishment that she likes. She loves exploring new places and even the type of cuisine that the place is known around for. Another factor that was a takeaway from this is the fact that it helps in improving your social skills and makes you step out of your comfort zone.

We also wanted to know about the favourite spots she has visited around and she replied saying, “Auroville and Goa if you ask in India. I love beaches and the place just brings me peace and solace from the kind of fast-paced life we all lead. But, if you ask internationally, I would definitely say Malaysia was a treat to visit.”

As Indians, we do have the tendency to not take blogging seriously to which Seema did have something important to add. She replied saying, “I am working to convert this blog into a brand. My main aim is to get my travel stories out to the people. It is quite tough to strive with just blogging as a professional which so many misconceptions around but I can definitely vouch that it works if you put in the efforts in the right places.”

She recently visited Malaysia and she has shared her experiences of visiting Malaysia on her blog. She said that it is just a feather in her hat of achievements, and she aspires to do more international visits in coming here.

At present, she is focusing more towards on a unique approach related not just to travel exposure, but also about the welfare of the society. She is covering the places that are lesser-known and covering unique stories of those villages. When asked that why she is keen on diverting to this, to which she replied, “I recently made a visit to Kuchipudi, which is a few kilometres from Vijaywada, and some more adjacent area and the places touched my soul.” She further adds, “I saw so much talent going in vain, and I can’t just digest that. I want people to know that these places deserve much more attention than what is currently being neglected.”



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