The flip side of GO‘AHH!’

What does one do in Goa, anymore? If this question has cropped up on your mind, you’re on the right page.

Basking in the sun and livin’ it up— Goa is synonymous with everything that a memorable rendezvous promises. Needless to say, the Sunny state promises a plethora of memories that are perfect for the ‘Gram and beyond. From as long as one can remember, Goa happens to be that place where one spots a volley of youngsters chilling by the shack and tapping their feet to some numbers manned at the decks by a music man. But what if we told you there is a whole world of activities that stands before you, unearthed and exciting beyond what you fathom?

When you say Goa words like party, shacks, intoxicated nights and exotic food is what floods your memories. But, here is Goa from a millennial’s perspective that will blow your minds.


So, what makes Goa oh so wanderlust worthy? We dig deeper.

While eat, rave, repeat might be the mantra for youngsters wanting the perfect getaway option, one must remember to hydrate themselves often. That said, how could one miss out on trying some of the best drinks in goa? Feni, Sula Wine, Armada, Port wine are some of the unmissable drinks that need to be ticked off the to-do list, on your trip. For those on the lookout for the ‘extra’ factor, which in all honesty, is a challenge to find in a place like Goa where, albeit there is a beehive of activity, start out by not choosing the usual North and South Goa. Instead, look up for places that will allow you to try something that’s out of the box: includes Zip Line, high rope course, wall climbing. Bambolim Beach. Calangute Beach. Bogmalo Beach. Panjim Beach. Arambol Beach. Agonda Beach Goa. Morjim Beach. Ponda Beach are some of the best places to head to, for a fun zip lining tour.


What does one do in Goa, anymore? If this question has cropped up on your mind, you’re on the right page. Indeed, it’s time to move over the ubiquitous acts, and push the ‘fun’ boundaries, suggests expert Betty Remedios, Director of Sales & Marketing, at a star hotel in Goa. “Unravel the lesser-traveled paths of Chorao and Divar islands. Paddle through these beautiful island surrounded by mountains and lush green trees. These trips are usually organized by organizations that host heritage walks and electronic bicycle tours that you have a safe and fun experience. Trek your way through the Charavane waterfall. It is an easy trek that will lead you to the scenic waterfall. You’d surely get quite a few people on this trek that would include locals and tourists. Discover Goa’s backwaters. Sal backwaters is a great place for kayaking and witness beautiful natural creation.”

The trend of opting for bike rentals to gain a deeper view of the state is seeing a mammoth rise. And it is best suggested that you sign up for it, to experience the exhilarating beat of Goa in its full glory.

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