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Digital Detox: Escape into the lap of Nature

Published Apr 26, 2019, 4:59 pm IST
Updated Apr 26, 2019, 5:17 pm IST
Nature therapy is the best therapy; USA bears testimony to this saying.
Recharge and rewind in the lap of Nature. (Photo: Brand USA)
 Recharge and rewind in the lap of Nature. (Photo: Brand USA)

There are some places whose beauty cannot be described in words but can be experienced when you are at the realm of its pristine beauty. The USA is one such place where the music of nature truly beckons your inner soul.

This season dump your mobile phones, laptops and get ready to rejuvenate yourself in the arms of nature. Here are some handpicked destinations that will not only help you detox but will give you time to fall in love with yourself once again.


Arches National Park, Utah

If you are an adventure enthusiast then rappelling through the canyons at Arches National Park is a must. Utah is home to almost 2000 arches as well as several pinnacles and rock fins, which were formed thousands of years back by wind and rain.

Arches National Park (Photo: Brand USA)Arches National Park. (Photo: Brand USA)

There are marked trails for those who love to walk and admire the contrasting hues of Nature. From biking to backpacking, there are numerous activities that will help you unwind. Sit on the edge of a rock and witness the sunset.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Powerful and inspiring, Grand Canyon National Park should be on every traveller's bucket list. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is famous for its landmarks. Plummeting canyons, multicoloured rocks, dramatic cliffs and stunning ravines adds to the beauty of this place. One of the most alluring canyons is the Colorado River that snakes its way through this park and is good for boating.

Grand Canyon National Park. (Brand USA)Grand Canyon National Park. (Brand USA)

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

If you want to experience one of the snowiest places in the USA, visit Crater Lake National Park in the Cascade Mountain. This place is a stunning natural beauty. There are plenty of ways to experience this lake. During winter this place becomes a winter wonderland and to trail in this snowy place is a magical experience. Once the snow melts you can enjoy hiking among the trails around the lake at Wizard Island.

Cascade Mountains, Crater Lake (Photo: Brand USA)The Cascade Mountains, Crater Lake. (Photo: Brand USA)

Hawaii Volcano National Park, Hawaii

This is one of the most popular UNESCO World Heritage Site. With lava flowing, steam rising from vents and plumes of volcanic gas ascending from this site offers visitors an unbelievable natural beauty.