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Trekking around Hyderabad

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Published on: October 25, 2022 | Updated on: October 25, 2022

Hyderabad has several places for trekking that you can't miss if you are an adventure lover.

Some spots offer lush greenery, while others lead you to enchanting waterfalls where a dip is all you need to rejuvenate yourself.

Some spots offer lush greenery, while others lead you to enchanting waterfalls where a dip is all you need to rejuvenate yourself.

The pearl of India, or the city of magic, has many sightseeing spots, trekking routes, lakes, and other picnic spots that drive tourists to Hyderabad from all over the world. Whether it’s about sampling the mouth-watering Hyderabadi Biryani or visiting historical monuments for an adrenaline rush, Hyderabad never disappoints the tourists.

While there are many attractions and a lot of activities to try in the town, nothing beats the adventure and fun of trekking. It’s the journey that makes trekking the adventure lovers’ favorite activity. Besides, it’s more about the food stalls and Hyderabadi special Chai that draws a large number of tourists to these trekking spots. If you are also planning a weekend getaway from the town, you should try trekking around Hyderabad. Below we have listed the best trekking places around Hyderabad that every adventure enthusiast must try.

17 Best Thrilling Trekking Places around Hyderabad

1. Ahobilam
Ahobilam is one of the best treks near Hyderabad. The place is associated with a strong history. Narasimha, the half-human and half-lion, fought evil here. While it has a history, there’s nothing spiritual about the place. It’s for trekkers and nature lovers looking to escape the city’s noise. It has an altitude of 327 meters and remains crowded between February and May. The trek is 7 kilometers, which means 7-10 hours of walking.
Best Time to Visit: August to February
Distance from Hyderabad: 460 kilometers

2. Kanakai Waterfall
Within walking distance of Girnur village, this serene spot is tourists’ favorite trekking route. Not only is it for trekkers, but people interested to know more about South India should also visit the place to connect with the people living in Girnur village. Located near Kanakai waterfall, Bandrev and Cheekati Gundam are two other waterfalls that you can visit here. It will take you 3-5 hours to explore each waterfall. Once you are done, you can return to the road point. Don’t forget to bring your camera, as Kanakai Waterfall has so many scenic views that you’ll love to capture.
Best Time to Visit: July-November
Distance from Hyderabad: 287 kms

3. Bhongir Fort
This 1.3-kilometer drive from Bhuvanagiri Railway Station, Bhongir Fort, is an ideal destination for tourists looking for a historical place in Hyderabad. Spanning over 40 acres and standing at the height of 500 feet, this is a perfect trekking place in Hyderabad for adventure junkies. If you really want to get your adrenaline pumping, try the rocky trail at Bhongir Fort. Bring enough water and some snacks so that you don’t feel parched. It will take you two hours to explore the fort, and reaching atop the hill will take you an hour.
Best Time to Visit: Any time of the year
Distance from Hyderabad: 100 kms

4. Gayatri Falls
A 270kms ride from Hyderabad will take you to this lovely place that leaves people stunned with its picturesque views. It’s a perfect hangout place for friends looking for a venue for a reunion party or just to gather to have some relaxing time. Also known as Gadida Gundam, the trek leading to this waterfall is for intermediate trekkers. Make sure you have your comfy shoes, as the area can get super slippery, especially in August. The place receives pleasant weather throughout the year, so any time would be fine for visiting Gayatri Falls. The trek is 5-8 kilometers long.
Best Time to Visit: January-March
Distance from Hyderabad: 270 kms

5. Narsapur Forest

If you want something different from waterfalls, try this trek leading to the thick forest with lush greenery. And, you don’t even have to give up on water. There is a small lake in the middle of the forest. If you want a weekend away from the city’s hustle and bustle and in the lap of nature, Narsapur Forest is just the right place. You can take a short break at the Ghat to chill and relax for a while before continuing the trek. Be ready for a 5-hour trekking trip. We are sure you will love the destination.
Best Time to Visit: October-February
Distance from Hyderabad: 47 kms

6. Khilla Ghanpur
Dating back to the 13th century, there is so much to learn and explore in Khilla Ghanpur that you’d surely be surprised. The rocky trail that stretches over 2-3 kilometers happens to be one of the easiest, safest, yet adventurous trekking routes in Hyderabad. As you embark on a trekking journey to Khilla Ghanpur, you will come across a few temples, including Narasimha temples and several caves built on top of the hill. This trekking trail in Telangana is your ideal destination for an adventurous journey.
Best Time to Visit: April-July
Distance from Hyderabad: 118 kilometers

7. Keesaragutta
There are two benefits of choosing the Keesaragutta trek for your trekking journey. One, it gives you a chance to tick off many popular South Indian landmarks on your bucket list. Two, the trekking route is pretty easy and surrounded by plenty of scenic views that you will definitely enjoy.
Chowmahalla Palace and Nehru Zoological Park are the two popular landmarks among other sites. While you are in Keesaragutta, make sure you explore the popular Taj Falaknuma Palace. Kessaragutta is located close to Hyderabad, so you can easily schedule a trip to this trekking route any time you like. The place also has the famous Keesaragutta temple. For the best experience, plan a visit during festivals like Ramnavami and Hanuman Jayanti.
Best Time to Visit: Any time

Distance from Hyderabad: 40 kms

8. Mallella Thirtham
A perfect spot for nature lovers, this lovely place has both a waterfall and a thick jungle, giving you a perfect trekking experience. The Krishna river flowing in this jungle gives a fascinating view and makes Mallela Thirtham the best spot for locals and tourists planning a weekend getaway. The trail isn’t only perfect for trekking, but you can set your camps here and spend some time in the forest exploring nature. Walking through this dense forest to reach the waterfall is going to be a thrilling experience.
Best Time to Visit: October-February
Distance from Hyderabad: 170 kms

9. Koilsagar Dam and Koilkonda Fort
Koilkonda Fort is for trekkers looking for an adventurous trail. If you are an experienced trekker looking for an adrenaline rush experience, Koilsagar Dam and Koilkonda Fort are for you. The top of the hill gives you a wonderful view of the town with a lovely backdrop. However, reaching the fort is not easy. You must cross several streams and walk through rocky trails to reach the top. But, once you reach the fort, you will love the view. Kolisagar dam is just 10 kilometers away from the fort. The walk to this dam is quite amazing, as you have to walk along the river Peddavagu. Koilkonda Fort is not for beginners or families. You
should consider trekking only if you have experience walking several kilometers through a difficult trekking trail.
Best Time to Visit: September-February
Distance from Hyderabad: 140 kms

10. Chincholi Forest
Surrounded by lush greenery and scenic spots, Chincholi Forest is for those looking for a trekking experience in tranquility. You can also try bird-watching if you visit the forest when migratory birds fly around. As you start the journey, you will come across massive rocks. It gives you the feeling that you are trying the most difficult trekking route, but in reality, there couldn’t be a safer and easier trek to try in Hyderabad than Chincholi Forest. If you are lucky, you might spot animals on your way, but even if you don’t, there are plenty of attractive views that you will enjoy.
Best Time to Visit: July-October
Distance from Hyderabad: 90 kms

11. Ali Sagar Reservoir
Built in 1931, Ali Sagar Reservoir will give you a glimpse of the history, as you find your way to the Alisagar deer park. As the name suggests, you can spot several species of deer in this park. Walk a few kilometers and you will reach the flower park. All Sagar Reservoir is a trekker’s haven. You should try visiting the trekking site during Spring when the flowers are blossoming and the place turns into a picnic spot. This 10 kilometer long trekking trail will take you to a pristine lake.
Best Time to Visit: January-May
Distance from Hyderabad: 190 kms

12. Ananthagiri Hills
Featuring two trekking trails within the dense forest, Ananthagiri Hills takes you to a lush green forest, a route surrounded by natural vegetation, and a freshwater stream. You can choose the trail starting from Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple and another one leading to Kerelli. Sitting at the height of 700m, Ananthagiri Hills is your ideal trekking spot if you want adventure and serenity. The place also has a history for those interested in learning about the rulers and
Best Time to Visit: November-February
Distance from Hyderabad: 90 kms

13. Kondamadugu

Kondamadugu is famous for the tiger hill, which is an ideal vacation place for trekkers and hikers. You can also set up your camps and stay here for some time. The place is surrounded by hills and natural beauty that every nature lover will admire. The trails are bordered by lush greenery, which boosts your enthusiasm to reach atop of the hill. For locals, Kondamadugu is a good place to explore on the weekend. You can visit Kondamadugu alone, but a trip here with
your friends is definitely going to be an unforgettable one.
Best Time to Visit: Any time of the year
Distance from Hyderabad: 40 kms

14. Medak Fort
If you have the strength to climb 500 steps in a day, try Medak Fort. It’s one of the toughest trekking routes in Hyderabad, but once you reach the top, you will feel a sense of achievement. Spanning across 100 acres, the fort was constructed in the 12th century. Within the fort, you will find a small lake and a warehouse. It also has a mosque that dates back to the 17th century and was built by Qutub Shahi rulers. Although it’s in ruins now, it has a strong history and is definitely a place to visit for trekkers.
Best Time to Visit: July-September
Distance from Hyderabad: 95 kms

15. Chityal Hills
The most picturesque place to visit in Hyderabad is the Chityal Hills, known for its exciting trekking trails. Famous for being home to the Chityal Valley, these hills offer you many adventurous options, including camping. Bordered by lush greenery and exquisite views, Chityal Hills is your go-to place if you are looking for a good time with your friends.
Best Time to Visit: June-October
Distance from Hyderabad: 90 kms

16. Deverakonda
The Velamas Dynasty ruled this place earlier, and the ruins that remind you of that time can still be found here. For example, the fort is completely ruined and has a plethora of remnants from the Velamas Dynasty period. Once you are done trekking, you can visit Ethipothala Falls or the Rajiv Gandhi Sanctuary. If you are looking for a historic location, you should give Devarakonda a shot. If you get enough time, you must also visit Sanghi Temple and Akka Mahadevi caves.
Best Time to Visit: During monsoon
Distance from Hyderabad: 120 kms

17. Horsley Hills
Last but not least, Horsley Hills make an awesome weekend getaway destination from Hyderabad. Locals, especially, love the calm vibe and peaceful atmosphere of Horsley Hills. A few places you must visit in Horsley Hills are Gangotri Lake, Kaigal Falls, and ViewPoint. Trekking and camping are two popular activities you can try here. You are going to love the serene atmosphere.
Best Time to Visit: January-October
Distance from Hyderabad: 530 kms

Are you looking for the best trekking places in Hyderabad? Well, the above-listed places make ideal locations for those looking to spend time in nature and tranquility. Each trekking spot mentioned above has something unique for the tourists. Some spots offer lush greenery, while others lead you to enchanting waterfalls where a dip is all you need to rejuvenate yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Try any of the above treks in Hyderabad and have a seamless
experience trekking to your favorite spot.

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