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5 best spots to explore when you visit Mumbai

Published Jun 24, 2018, 1:57 pm IST
Updated Jun 24, 2018, 1:57 pm IST
There's a lot to do in Mumbai than just visit the typical tourist spots.
5 best spots to explore when you visit Mumbai. (Photo: Pixabay)
 5 best spots to explore when you visit Mumbai. (Photo: Pixabay)

New Delhi: When people hear about Mumbai, there are few things which pop up in one's mind quite quickly including the Gateway of India, heavy traffic and of course Bollywood!

Apart from the tourist guide destinations, Mumbai as a destination has a lot more to offer if you're visiting or planning to visit the insomniac city.


There's a lot to do in Mumbai than to just stroll around Gateway of India, get lost in the crowd of Marine Drive or visit Siddhivinayak Temple.

So here is a list of not the obvious places or activities of that one can explore in Mumbai:

1. Sail like Popeye on the coast of Mumbai

Popeye is just an expression, you can sail like whoever you want to! Mumbai has international sailing standards and you can get on a keelboat in no time to explore the lengths of Arabian Sea. Enjoy the horizon while floating on a world-class keelboat for a two-hour long therapeutic experience. So if you wish get away from the crowd with your partner then you need to do it in a sailor's style!


2. Unlock the Sherlocked mystery of Mystery Rooms

Who doesn't wish to be Sherlock? Right, Sherlock? Get into a time game with your friends and solve puzzles, clues and riddles to get out of theme based rooms before the time ends. If you think solving mysteries is that easy then this is your chance to test that savvy brain of yours! The game is based on the world popular concept of "Room Escape", which has been played by over 10 million people across the globe! So get down with your friends and test your metal!

3. Flyover Mumbai in a Helicopter!


Get a birds-eye view of the city of dreams from a helicopter. Yep! You got that right! You can get into a helicopter to view all the cool spots of Mumbai even in a cooler way! Enjoy the aerial view of Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Juhu beach and so much more! Take a comfortable half an hour journey of Mumbai like you have never before and look down on the city astonishingly from your huge ass helicopter windows!

4. Pose with your favorite stars in Red Carpet Wax Museum

Are you a celeb fanatic? Then you need to do this! Pose with celebrity wax statues from all over the world. Red Carpet Wax Museum is the first international wax museum launched on 3rd December 2016. Red Carpet Wax Museum pays tribute to all the celebrities and stars around the world with a gallery of wax statues. It is called Red Carpet as it gives a proper theme and vibe of a red carpet event. So, put on your best tuxedo and get flashy with your friends or family!


5. Peddle your feet at midnight!

Even though Mumbai is packed with traffic and people, it is midnight after which the real fun begins in the city of dreams. Take a 35 kms bicycle tour of the most beautiful part of the city. Start your ride on bicycle and explore the coastal routes and streets of Mumbai. Explore places like Marine Drive, Shivaji Park and many more! Explore a different side of Mumbai through this cycling trip which ends at Bandstand!