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Places in India where nudist parties are organised secretly

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Published on: April 24, 2016 | Updated on: April 24, 2016

Check out these places on our list that have been recorded to have welcomed nudist visitors.

Visit these places and enjoy the beauty.

Visit these places and enjoy the beauty.

When you think of nude beaches, India is the last place that comes into your mind. We often think about France, Brazil, Italy or Australia when it comes to nudity.

The reason why we don’t come across nude people in India is because public nudity is against the law in our country.

But this law didn’t keep few beaches in India from organsing secret nude parties. Check out these places on our list that have been recorded to have welcomed nudist visitors.

Please note that public nudity in India is illegal and violators have been fined and prosecuted for it in the past.

  • Om Beach, Gokarna

(Photo: Flickr) (Photo: Flickr)

This beach is famous for it’s ‘Om’ shape and is indeed beautiful and pleasing due to its natural surrounding. Its adorned by two freshwater springs and red cliffs. Its often visited by those tourists who are looking to get an even tan unrestricted by swimwear.

  • Agati Island Beach, Lakshadweep


This beach is covered with palm and coconut trees and is rich in coral reef and lagoons. Famous for it’s beauty, this beach surely has a lot more to offer.

It’s said that you often find here topless visitors and at times you also find complete nudists. 

  • Marari Beach, Kerala

(Photo: Flickr) (Photo: Flickr)

This beach is popular for opening its arms to nudism. As the place is situated at an isolated location, it’s the best place for people who don’t want to hide their bodies.

  • Paradise Beach, Gokarna

(Photo: Flickr) (Photo: Flickr)

Just like the name, it’s paradise not only because of its beauty but also because here travelers have been part of hidden nudist gatherings.

  • Ozran Beach, Goa

(Photo: Flickr) (Photo: Flickr)

This beach is not so easy to find as it’s not that popular among the people. But it’s worth that extra mile. It’s not that commercialised and hence is a perfect pick. Many tourist have come across nudists here.

However, readers beware, public nudity is strictly illegal in our country and people at these beaches have been fined for their act and prosecuted as well. But you can always travel here to enjoy the natural beauty of the place.

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