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Lifestyle Travel 23 Jun 2017 Going trekking this ...

Going trekking this monsoon? Don't forget these must-haves

Published Jun 23, 2017, 12:05 pm IST
Updated Jun 23, 2017, 12:21 pm IST
Escape the hustle and bustle of city life. But don't forget these essentials on your way out.
Tekking is one of the great outdoor activities. (Photo: Pixabay)
 Tekking is one of the great outdoor activities. (Photo: Pixabay)

New Delhi: Trekking is one such activity that most enjoy in order to reach that perfect "View-point". But there is more to that - trekking isn't just about reaching your summit, perfect view or destination, it's also about your journey.

Your trek will be a memorable experience only if you've done all your homework beforehand. Basic tips and hacks, can make your monsoon trek experience more comfortable and effortless, so you can enjoy the journey and the destination by the same token.


Cleartrip.com has combined the six most essential tips to keep in mind for a monsoon trek!

* Pick the right pair of shoes

There are two points to keep in mind while buying your trekking shoes for a monsoon trek - from quality to comfort. One of the best combinations to look for are lightweight shoes with one size bigger than usual. The light weight prevents your feet from pressing into the puddles and makes it comfortable to walk. Sometimes while trekking your feet tend to swell. A shoe size bigger than your usual will allow your feet to breathe during this time and prevent stress on your feet. Also, while every trek demands good grip shoes with optimal ankle height, this is especially true for the monsoons as the terrain is more slippery than ever and minor sprains can become a big challenge during treks. If you can manage a pair of waterproof shoes with all these features, you've got to pick them.

 * Keep it light

One of the most common mistakes people make during their treks is carrying a heavy back pack. This not only hinders with the trekking but also causes discomfort to your backbone. Opting for a lightweight- waterproof back pack is ideal for a monsoon trek. A lightweight poncho or raincoat that you can easily slip into as it can pour unannounced in the season and you wouldn't want to get wet with the budgeted set of clothing is a must. Cotton clothing should be avoided as they take longer to dry. A spare set of plastic bags to separate wet clothes from dry ones.

* Sunglasses

One may tend to think that sunglasses aren't a necessary element during the monsoon season. This is untrue, especially if you are trekking on high altitudes and mountains. When the sky clears, the sun can strain your eyes and squinting can end up giving you a headache.

* Flip-Flops

One of the most comfortable inputs into your back pack can be a pair of flip-flops. You will always want to camp at locations during your trek and these flip-flops will give your feet the breathing space after a long trek. Since most flip-flops are waterproof, it is one thing less to worry about while moving around your camp.

* Anti-Fungal Cream

The humid conditions during the rainy days makes it ideal for the growth of various fungi. So, fungal infections are very common during the rainy season. Bacteria and other germs also breed best when the air is humid. Fungal infections usually cause inflammations and itching. Carrying an anti-fungal cream can be a saviour in case you are infected during the trek.

* Salt

Paying attention to smallest of details and being prepared is the concoction for a successful trek. With leeches galore in the season, salt is a quick way to get rid of them should you get one on yourself. Lemon and salt mixture is also said to work as a deterrent for leeches.