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Smart ways to plan your travel

Published Jul 17, 2017, 10:00 am IST
Updated Oct 27, 2018, 11:48 am IST
Planning does not mean that you limit your options, but you maintain a control over things that you do while travelling.
Whatever your plan is, wherever you go, the experience matters.
 Whatever your plan is, wherever you go, the experience matters.

Traveling is a gene that resides inside all of us. For some this gene is more dominant than the others. But, regardless of its dominance its presence in you. So, every once in a while, you feel like getting out and satisfying your itchy feet.

Whatever your plan is, wherever you go, the experience matters. Here are five ways you can make each of your travel experience fulfilling:


Plan Well

Planning cannot be overemphasized. Planning your trip is important, even if you like to travel impromptu. Planning does not mean that you limit your options, but you maintain a control over things that you do while traveling. This includes:

-The mode of travel

-Your total budget for the trip

-Contingency plan

-Places you will stay and if possible

-The activities you will indulge in

This will keep you from running out of options and money before the end of your trip.

Study about the Place

Lot of people take trips to famous places, end up disappointed, simply because they can’t seem to connect to the beauty of the place. The reason for this momentous disconnect is due to insufficient homework. Imagine being stuck with a person you don’t know anything about.


Knowing about the monument, it’s history, it’s significance in the world etc. will create the connection needed for you to be in the moment and enjoy the place as it is. Pretty important, right?

Also, read about the places to stay and the culture of the place. Blend in when you get there and live it.

Look at the things you can do

Activities at the destination are as important as the destination itself. Be prepared to indulge and make the most of your time. However, if you do not know already, how will you make sure which one to pay for and spend your time on.


Note: Eiffel Tower is not the only attraction in Paris!

Bungee jumping, paragliding, rock climbing and wind surfing all don’t happen at one place. Find out the special activities you can do at the place you are planning to visit. Also, this will help you plan your travel budget better.

Ensure Sufficient Funding

Funding your travel plan is the next big challenge where occasional travelers frequently falter. There are many ways you can fund your travel expenses, for example:

-Your own pocket and savings

-Family and friends


-Even crowd funding if you are really passionate about your travel plan

-Personal loans

Whichever your method is, ultimately if your personal funds are insufficient, personal loans can definitely be handy. Especially when you need a quick funding solution.

Personal loans are all purpose loans which you can use for any purpose including your regular expenses. It is recommended when you have a stable income and are sure of deferring your current travel expense.

Get a Travel Insurance

Finally, before you venture out and leave all the troubles behind, your contingency plan. Once you have your emergency numbers, medicines etc. one last thing you need is a travel insurance. Travel insurance has benefits which will give you peace of mind on your trip, and will work as a cushion you can bank upon.


Document theft, legal liability, emergency healthcare etc. even emergency deportation is covered by travel insurance.

How To Get a Personal Loan?

Nowadays, non-banking finance companies like Aditya Birla Finance, have made the personal loan more accessible and quick. You can apply online, fill in all the details and provide necessary documents, and your loan can be approved within 48 hrs.

Things to Take care of While Getting A Personal Loan

You will need to decide the following factors before finalizing your personal loan:

-Tenure of the loan


-EMIs you will pay

-The prepayment clauses

Understand that lender can only see your income record and expenses for couple of months in the past. What they don’t know is your future goals, and that’s what’ll decide whether you will prepay the loan, continue paying the EMIs as usual, or if there is a possibility of default.