Secluded sanctuary of healing

Offering everything from trekking to aromatic healing baths with crystals, this resort is rural Maharashtra’s gift to the wellness world

With everyone from the corporate elite, Bollywood royalty and sports champions to ordinary citizens passing through its luxurious gates, the Atmantan Wellness Resort has become a byword for healthy holidays. And, in the seven years of Atmantan’s existence, it has transformed not just the lives of the luxury wellness seeker, but the lives of the locals at Mulshi village too. Nikhil and Sharmilee Kapur, the fit and focused founders of this 42-acre healing crystals-embedded estate, say, “This is a non-judgemental space for the body, mind and soul. There is neither pressure nor prescriptions here. Our team act as guides and counsellors, helping you make wiser lifestyle choices.” The couple assert that wellness doesn’t have to mean bland food, excessive workouts or sacrifices. “There has been a dramatic shift in the way one looks at wellness. It’s no longer about relaxation and rejuvenation, but instead, about making informed long-term lifestyle choices,” the Kapurs note.

Barring the not-so-enjoyable bumpy drive from Pune airport to the resort, the Atmantan experience is full of peace. It allows you to experience silence as you meditate by the towering, peaceful presence of the Buddha, to sit by a calm lake, melt calories with a high-energy dance class, take aromatic healing baths, experience a deep sleep-inducing massage or take a mindful walk in the mist while focussing on life’s finer things. Dr Manoj, who heads the wellness division, shares, “Everyone at some stage looks to overhaul their lives and start afresh. Many want to reverse the harm caused by vices or indulge their skin and body to replenish themselves and sparkle again. Atmantan combines practices that are rooted in Ayurveda with Eastern therapies and concepts from the West. Our staff are specially picked for their healing energies and ability to be compassionate to all.”

Food is the fulcrum of a health retreat, and the Atmantan team runs cooking classes, demonstrating how to make healthy, delicious meals. The service team headed by Duk talk informally about the macro-nutrients and nutrition, quickly educating you on the powerful secrets of detox and weight loss.The accommodation is done up in neutral tones. Flowers collected from the nearby hills and gardens decorate every corner, and healing crystals remind you of your purpose in coming here. And if you’re located too far away from the dining or wellness areas, use the opportunity to get in some cardio. Don’t dial for the golf cart unless you want to take a nice long tour of the extensive property and enjoy the beautiful hand-built Ganapathi mud-temple.
The highs
* anti-inflammatory baths
* raw banana flour rotis
* naturopathy healing
* activity-filled day
* Mangal aarti at the temple
* Sleep enhancing quality bedding
* RTPCR mandatory to enter property
* No repetitive menus despite long stay

The lows
* Herbal nursery needs more stock
* Only one Luxury Villa
* Unpredictable weather (please pack for all kinds)

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