Train etiquette: Rules for riding the rail

We share a few etiquette and rules you might follow to make train rides more bearable, for everyone.

Most of us have to commute to our workplaces daily via local trains. While it does save time and money for all of us, it does have its own set of issues.

From vendors trying to sell stuff to you, to loud passengers screaming away at phones or those who will always take that extra space even when they do not need it. What a lot of these people do not realize is that maybe it is becoming a cause of inconvenience to other rail passengers.

And let’s face it, etiquette matters, specially when you are jammed up against complete strangers in a moving train with nowhere else to go.

Talk softly: We always see those individuals who willingly scream into their phone during conversations with everyone around them. And the situation gets more complicated when you are stuck in a compartment with nowhere to run. It is impertinent that you use a soft voice while talking over the phone so that you do not inconvenience others.

Give your seat to someone who needs it more: Do not be a douche, one of the worst things one sees is people not offering their seats to someone who needs it more. Most often they will simply look the other way, and there will always be that one extra smart person who will suggest the person stand somewhere else. There are so many moments when we see a pregnant woman, or an elderly lady standing while people sit around her nonchalantly. Would it really kill you to offer your seat? It’s even worse when able-bodied people sit in seats reserved for the disabled and do not get up even when they should.

Be hygienic: No one likes to sit beside you in a crowded compartment if you are smelling like a rat has died. No one is asking you to always smell like peaches and summer, but at least use a deodorant! Also, if you are eating on the train, clean your hands properly and do not throw crumbs around. Also, the seats are for sitting and not wiping your hands. Please do not leave behind your half eaten food or its packages as well. It is a train compartment, not a garbage dump.

Do not manspread: This is the practice where men usually sit in a slouched position with their legs spread wide apart in a big ‘V’. When a guy manspreads, he takes up two to seats at the same time as his knee and legs extend on either side of him. To say the least, it is extremely inconvenient for people around him and looks extremely rude as well.

Take care of your backpacks: Backpacks are a necessity, granted. However, most of the time, it seems, people forget that they are carrying them, and how much space they require. Be a bit sensitive, maybe hold your bag in your hands? Also, make sure you do not whack somebody with it when you turn around. And please don’t put it on the seat next to you, unless you paid for two seats or the train is empty.

Be more courteous to people around you: A small thank you, or an excuse me does wonders. Maybe you can use those the next time you board a train. Using hand gestures or making weird sounds to ask passengers to shift is not the right way to go about. A bit of decorum never hurt anybody.

Do not hog the door: If you are not getting down on the next station, do not stand at the door. It is inconvenient. Allow people to board and de-board without any inconvenience. You might look like a hero while dangling from the compartment door, it is not only risky (for yourself) but most of the times an eyesore, for people sitting inside.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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