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Must have apps that make travel easy

Published Oct 15, 2019, 12:01 pm IST
Updated Oct 15, 2019, 12:01 pm IST
Five travel apps that will make your travel easy.
Digital apps that can make your travel easy. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)
 Digital apps that can make your travel easy. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

There are some eternal restless souls who don’t believe in planning their way out to a destination. For them, it’s just one impulsive decision that make them pack their bag and leave off for a destination they feel they have a calling for. If you are one of such maverick beings, there are few apps that would assist you in your last-minute or even ongoing travel vacation:



The probability of us doing a bit of background research about a destination is quite slim in the last minute travel or sometimes it gets confirmed only when you are en route to the airport or railway station. Well with the existence of the internet, this hardly seems an issue, it does become one, once you reach your desired location.

The unlimited results on a search engine for your one simple question of desired tourist place are not only confusing but so chaotic that it would eventually depress you! well, thanks to Cleartrip some peace prevails. one of the features of its app is clear trip activities which give a very proper guide for every and anything that has to offer in the locals you are visiting.



If your trip is a last-minute thing where you haven’t even figured how to work out the finance yet, renting a car probably won’t be in your to-do list.  How do you travel around? While straddling around does sound very poetic it’s just not logical, specifically when you are still high on an impulsive vacation. Not to worry!! Rapido, a bike-taxi app has got you covered!! With a seamless interface, this app is one of the must-have for those who value freedom from traffic way more than sitting in an air-conditioned while being stuck in traffic!


Avis India

A perfect solution to all the last-minute road trip plans. This car hire company drops and pick up the rented car from your doorstep, saving a few critical hours before the trip. Another easing factor of Avis apps is the online documentation and billing services, making the hiring process the least hassle-free it can be.

Google Maps

On a road trip and lost your way? The Google Map app is what you can swear by for all your trips. An additional feature of working without internet as well makes it your go-to app if in crisis or in a no network zone.



For all the forgetful ones and the lazy ones, Paytm is your angel. The apps which brought a revolution in the payment industry is the perfect payment option in any situation. A transparent and safe method of making payments helps you to make a  payment in any corner of the country, thanks to the growing digitisation.