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Exploring the picturesque Nilgiris

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Published on: July 15, 2022 | Updated on: July 15, 2022

MindEscapes in Nilgiris District marries heritage and technology, and the successful union hones minds and hearts, writes Apsara Reddy



MindEscape in the scenic Nilgiris, with its drizzly high-ranges weather and caressing pure winds, is where you'll hear nothing but birdsong.

The charming Dipali Sikand, who designed, founded and developed  MindEscapes, says "it is a legacy that I want to leave behind."

"There is a lot of pollution in society, thought, politics and our youth today. There is no real space for introspection, progressive thought and a place where minds can meet to develop themselves and the world we live in," continues Dipali.

MindEscapes has been curated to include incubation rooms, writing corners, discussion and conference rooms, home theatres, all with spectacular views of rolling hills and lush green tea estates.

Known for its hearty meals, MindEscapes offers statement dining with world cuisine that includes soulful pot pies, crunchy oriental salads, crab and prawn thermidors, real robust Italian risottos and exquisite desserts. Lots of adventure seekers trek up just for a meal, or drive in from neighbouring Coimbatore to savour a roast. The food and beverages on offer are top class thanks to the expertise of the presiding gourmet boss, Vikram Malhotra.

The rooms are all Alexa-automated and comprise a cosy lounge, balconies with breath-taking views and a sleep space that has highest quality bedding and linen. Guests can experience the soothing landscape at their doorsteps, with indoor gardens facing each room.

The interesting part is that the property is partly powered by solar energy. And scrap and waste are used as worm and farm feed and garden fertiliser.

Mentoring Minds

Dipali has taken every effort to nurture thought leadership at MindEscapes with mentors who regularly visit to conduct master classes, seminars and fireside chats. On this list are Sam Pitroda, the current Finance Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr Palanivel Thiagarajan, NDTV’s Prannoy Roy and many others.

Getting There: Fly in to Coimbatore and take a 2-hour drive to Nilgiris/Ooty.
For more details: +91 9489052222

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