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Paradise on earth

Published Jul 15, 2019, 12:10 am IST
Updated Jul 15, 2019, 12:10 am IST
Away from the bustling metropolitan lifestyle, Kudle in Gokarna is a gem for anyone looking for a refreshing yet budgeted vacation.
Kudle Beach overlooking the shores
 Kudle Beach overlooking the shores

Giving a break to your monotonous life is essential, be it a soul cleansing journey, getting over a break up, or just a fun trip with your friends. If you just twitched your lips because you know taking a trip is expensive, so you just head out to the cafe you always chill at and forget all about travel. Then here’s a secret, all you need is five to seven thousand for the most economic yet #vacaygoals kind of a trip.

Sometimes the actual fun in a budgeted trip is not luxury rather the company.


Kudle Beach in Gokarna city is the safe haven for people with a shoestring budget. The best time to visit Kudle is October until March, this is when the weather is warm and pleasant with temperatures averaging 32 degrees Celsius.

Located at a distance of over 482 km from Bengaluru, it takes over nine hours to reach Gokarna via the NH 48. Long drives are fun but beyond a point it gets stressful and unsafe as you have to pass the narrow ghat sections. The best way to travel is by bus, if you book your tickets well ahead in time then you will get a round trip for as cheap as Rs 1,500. Opt for a sleeper coach bus, as most of them are spacious, comfortable and considering the bus is driven by an Indian Michael Schumacher this is the best option.


Once you reach Gokarna, the point to where you can trek to Kudle beach is about a two kilometre walk. You can step outside the bus and find an auto rickshaw stand, they can be pricey if you are unaware of the local rates, the auto ride is only around Rs 100 to Rs 150 (ensure to bargain, because remember you are on a budget trip).  

The stop from where you begin your trek is apparently believed as the birth place of Hanuman. You can now wear the most comfortable and inexpensive shoes because this trekking trail is a bit slushy and uneven. Follow the sign board and stay calm as you trek to sound of the waves crashing, giving you a hope  that you’re soon reaching a blissful abode.  


There it is the quintessential serenity that’s awaiting you, this private beach will be home for the rest of your vacation. After an exhausting yet exhilarating trek all one needs is a scrumptious meal to soothe that food craving palate. This happy-hour kind of fusion where vacation, tasty food and pocket friendly defines Kudle sure is a rare find. Offering different cuisines like Chinese, Italian, French, Indian and also the English, there sure is one for everyone.

From having a delicious breakfast of mashed potato, a sunny side up, beans to banana and chocolate pancakes, a full course lunch of lasagna or spaghetti and a simple dinner. You can have a good lip-smacking three course meal for just Rs 600 a day.


Along the beach is a line of restaurants and affordable shacks for accommodation (Rs1000 per night). The best part of a vacation is relaxing, enjoying yummy food and losing yourself to the breathtaking view of hills and the peaceful clean waves with it’s own story to tell.

If you seek rejuvenation in exploring newer things then you can trek to the sister-beach – Om. The best way to plan the trip is to leave on a Friday night and reach Gokarna the next day at around 8 am so you can spend two nights in Kudle and head back refreshed on the third day.  Treating yourself once in a while to a vacation only helps you function sane in your busy, fast-paced lifestyle.