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Mommies need a break as well

Published Mar 15, 2020, 8:02 am IST
Updated Mar 15, 2020, 8:02 am IST
More and more women are opting for ‘momcations’ to unwind from all the stress
Reegal Ranjan
 Reegal Ranjan

Being a mother can often be exhausting. And if you are a working mother, the stress of work coupled with the demands of motherhood can inevitably lead to a burn out. But mothers these days have devised a way around those exhaustions too. Introducing ‘momcations’, the seemingly new trend mommies have devised to deal with the toll that motherhood takes on them periodically.

Mom knows best


So what’s a momcation, you ask? Aashish Dhruva, vice president of the travel company Cleartrip, points out that ‘momcation’ is a rising trend, with mothers from across all age groups making travel plans-solo or with friends. “Check Instagram today and you'll find over fifty thousand posts with the hashtag ‘momcation’.”

Reegal Ranjan, a busy working mom, believes ‘momcation’ is not only a trend but also a necessity for a woman living for her children and family 24×7. “A short break gives mothers enough time to reset, relax and spend some quality time sans the husband and kids,”explains Reegal. “Alone time is essential for one to feel refreshed. Even a two-day vacay can make a big difference. I have taken a few vacations without my daughter and it has given me enough space to rejuvenate my energies and be myself.”


Nikita Nanda, another young mom, echoes the same idea and adds her argument to it. “Sometimes, all I need is one day alone. The point is to intentionally slip away from the normal routine and give ourselves the permission to breathe — to simply exist. As a young mom, everything between the Monday morning alarm clock and that first glass of wine on Friday evening after the baby sleeps is a blur. We spend every single minute focusing on the needs of kids, bosses and clients. So the thought of not having to think about anyone else's eating, sleeping, pooping or learning for all day sounds like a dream come true,” she adds with a chuckle.


Creative mommies

Then again, is momcation merely one of those Instagram trends or are increasingly more women genuinely taking those ‘day offs’ from their mom lives?

As per Sunil Gupta, MD & CEO of Avis India, a car rental company, it's the latter. He shares that this year has recorded an 11% rise in the number of searches by female travellers on their website as compared to last year. “The bookings have also gone up drastically as compared to the previous three years. With more women becoming financially independent and income levels rising, both domestic and international travel has become very accessible. Moreover, the exposure is allowing more women to discover new destinations and travel experiences,” articulates Sunil. So what are the perfect destinations for such vacations, we wonder. “Places such as Kamshet and Kolad in Maharashtra, Ooty in Tamil Nadu, Chikmagalur near Bangalore and Lahaul and Spiti in Himachal in India as well as countries such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are usually popular choices,” adds Sunil.


That being said, when it comes to ‘momcations’ it is not merely about visiting an exotic place and checking out the touristy places. Or so we are told, for many in the business report about women getting creative in the ways they want to spend this special vacation. “From spas, meditation and adrenalin-pumping activities to indulging in gourmet gastronomical adventures, the list is endless,” reveals Varun Chadha, CEO of TIRUN, the Indian representatives of Royal Caribbean Cruises.