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Telangana: 'Octopus Viewpoint' entices visitors

Deccan Chronicle| Indulekha Arakkal

Published on: October 13, 2017 | Updated on: October 13, 2017

New spot is in Amarabad Tiger Reserve.

A view of the forests and the Krishna River from Octopus Viewpoint in the Amarabad Tiger Reserve.

A view of the forests and the Krishna River from Octopus Viewpoint in the Amarabad Tiger Reserve.

Hyderabad: The Amarabad Tiger Reserve has a new tourist attraction. The Octopus Viewpoint became operational on Friday as a part of the plan for the extension of eco-tourism activities at the reserve. 

The viewpoint is located 5 km before Domalpenta; and offers a view of the Krishna River and the adjoining forests. Mohan Chandra Paragein, field director of the Amarabad Tiger Reserve, said, "This strategic location has been picked after a lot of planning. This point provides a view of the backwaters of the Krishna, which resemble the tentacles of an octopus. We are also developing a watchtower and a forest trail for visitors." 

Every day around 70 tourists sign up for the safari conducted by the reserve which begins from Farahabad crossroads. Officials say that two buses, each with a seating capacity of ten persons, operate in rotation. 

Octopus Viewpoint is located 42 km away from Mannanur, on the Hyderabad-Srisailam Highway. Visitors can make a stop at this point after visiting the popular Farahabad Viewpoint, which is around 25 km away. Visitors must purchase tickets to gain access to the Viewpoint. Small vehicles are charged `20, while buses and large vehicles are charged `50. 

Reserve officials believe that this Viewpoint will attract more visitors, and they have accordingly developed benches and parking facilities. They have also put up signboards asking visitors to maintain cleanliness at the Viewpoint and in the adjoining forests. 

A hut has been constructed at an elevated spot near the Viewpoint, for visitors to sit and relax. "Visitors need not bring anything with them while visiting this point. We have an operational snack bar at the spot. The Viewpoint is meant for nature-lovers to be able to calm their minds," said Mr Paragein.

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