Places to visit in Pune

Pune city is known for scenic beauty, natural charm, a zoo, trekking hills, etc. Here are the best places to visit in Pune.

Pune is a beautiful blend of modernity and heritage. Filled with a plethora of amusement parks, museums, sightseeing locations, restaurants, and malls, this city in Maharashtra has all that a tourist needs to spend a lovely and thrilling weekend with their families. Shaniwada Wada, Parvati Hill, and Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum are only a few to name. The city has many attractions for tourists visiting the city alone or with family. We have reviewed the 21 famous places in Pune that will blow your mind.

21 Best Sightseeing Places to Visit In and Near Pune

1. Aga Khan Palace

Timings: Morning to evening (till 5:30)

Entry Fees: 5 INR for Indians and INR 100 for foreigners

Built in the late 18th century, the Aga Khan Palace has historical significance. The Sultan who built this palace did it for charity. He wanted to help the poor. Mahatma Gandhi, with his wife and secretary, lived in this palace during his house arrest period. Stretched over 19 acres, the Aga Khan Palace has a huge front lawn and is only a 2-kilometers ride from Bund Garden. You will find pictures of many freedom fighters. People interested in learning about the history of India should definitely visit this palace.

2. Adlabs Imagica

Timings: 10:30 AM to 8 PM

Entry Fees: Starting at INR 999 per person

This five-section theme park is one of the best places for a one-day trip near Pune. It has a theme park, water park, a game section, a hotel, and a snow park — all of which make it an ideal tourist destination for kids and adults. The park has several rides for kids. The authorities also organize special events, weddings, and other corporate functions on special requests. If you want adventure in Pune, a visit to Adlabs Imagica is just for that.

3. Osho Ashram

Timings: 6 AM to 10:30 PM

Entry Fee: INR 870 per person

Pune is a crowded city, and a place that will take you away from the city’s hustle and bustle is something every local and tourist will enjoy. Osho Ashram is for tourists looking for some time away from the crowd. Built in the land of peace and positivity, the ashram is a wonderful place for people looking to practice yoga and meditation in a serene spot. It will rejuvenate your soul and calm your mind. The ashram offers teaching methods that the professional learned from the great Guru Osho.

4. Vetal Tekdi

Timings: Open throughout the day

Fee: No Fee

Located at the height of 2600 feet, Vetal Tekdi is a beautiful hill for tourists planning a peaceful weekend getaway in Pune. It serves as an excellent trekking location for adventure buffs. Once you reach the top, you will get a picturesque view of the entire town from a height — a view that takes people on a trekking journey. Nestled in lush green vegetation, Vetal Tekdi is Pune’s must-visit location.

5. Lal Mahal

Timings: Closes at 8 PM

Fee: INR 3

Built by Shahaji Bhosale, the Lal Mahal, or the Red Palace, is another popular place to visit in Pune. This is where the wedding of Shivaji took place. This one is just a copy of the original Lal Mahal, the location of which is still unknown. The palace became famous in history after it recorded the incident of Shivaji cutting off Shaista’s fingers and escaping the palace through the window. The newly constructed Lal Mahal has paintings of Shivaji depicting his life events.

6. Okayama Friendship Garden

Timings: 6 AM to 7:30 PM

Entry Fee: INR 5

Take an evening stroll or call your friends in this garden to spend a lovely evening. If you are looking for hangout places in Pune, this popular Japanese garden nestled in lush green vegetation and boasting splendid views is your perfect place. You could also visit the garden with your loved ones.

7. Parvati Hill

Timings: 8 AM to 5 PM

Fee: No fees

Another trekking destination in Pune, Parvati Hill, has a beautiful and one of the oldest Parvati temples built on top of the hill. Sitting at the height of 2,100 ft, the temple dates back to when Peshwas ruled the Maratha Empire. There are approx 103 steps that lead you to the summit, overlooking the city. It also gives you a gorgeous sunrise and sunset view. To learn more about Peshwas, visit the museum that holds pictures and exhibits. There are other temples built atop the hill. Once you get there, you will find plenty of things that will keep you occupied.

8. Hong Kong Lane

Timings: Open throughout the day

Fees: No fees

This is a one-stop shopping destination for Punekars and tourists. From bags to clothes and accessories, this place is for shoppers who want to return with a lot of exciting things and souvenirs from Pune. The market has all kinds of accessories, including imported items. You will find precious jewelry, timeless watches, and women's shoes that are too pretty to be missed. If you are good at bargaining, Hong Kong Lane is a place to showcase your skills.

9. Cafe Paashh

Timings: 11 in the morning to 11 PM

Entry Fee: INR 1500 (two adults)

This store-cum-cafe is another exciting place for locals and tourists looking for a tranquil location in Pune for a meeting. You can invite your colleagues or hang out with your friends. Check out luxury items, including homeware and gifts. Or, just enjoy your evening coffee in a beautiful ambiance. Cafe Paash is also a stunning location for couples planning a candle-lit dinner.

10. National War Museum

Timings: From Morning to Evening

Entry Fees: Free

Commemorating those who died during wars, the Museum is a history lovers’ haven. It is the first and only war museum built with the contribution of the citizens. Remember and honor the effort of the soldiers who did everything to keep our country and people safe. You might also get a chance to see the Trishul used during the India-Pakistan war. Children planning an educational tour must add this stunning Museum to their bucket list.

11. Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

Timings: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Fee: INR 15

Another exciting place to visit in Pune with friends is the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park. Featuring a zoo, a snake park, and a host of places that make a wonderful tourist destination, this park is for nature and wildlife lovers. Leopard, elephant, and blackbucks are a few popular animals you can spot here. If you are lucky, you might see the biggest reptile — King Cobra (which is almost 13 ft long).

12. Taljai Hills

Timings: Open throughout the day

Fees: No Fees

Surrounded by greenery, Taljai Hills offer a pleasant ambiance and gorgeous views. The place looks even better during monsoon when it gives a refreshing vibe. Featuring an exotic variety of fauna and natural beauty, it’s the best place to visit near Pune in monsoon. Once you reach the top, you will see the Taljai Mata Devi temple, which makes it a sacred spot among Punekars. You can’t take the vehicles up here, so walking is the only option. This makes it a thrilling spot for trekkers and adventure junkies. The zigzag trail amidst the dense forest makes it ideal for people searching for an adrenaline rush.

13. Peacock Bay

Timings: Open all the time

Entry fee: No entry fees

This tourist spot gets its name from the fact that it houses several peacocks. It serves as a training center for people planning to get into the army. Peacock Bay has a wide range of training equipment, including water skis, speed boats, and windsurfers. Spanning 510 square kilometers, the lake is home to monkeys, civets, and other animals.

14. Bund Garden

Timings: 6 AM to 9 PM

Fee: Free

This place is going to remind you of all your childhood games and memories. Bund Garden is a perfect Kho-Kho spot, and you can also play a variety of games with your friends. You could also go on a boat ride. It’s a tranquil location where you can spend a peaceful vacation with your family and friends.

15. Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

Timings: 10 AM to 5:30 PM

Fee: INR 50 per adult

Featuring the reminiscence of medieval history, Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum has three floors having various sculptures from the 14th century. This includes weapons, vessels, and gold items. Today, the museum holds 20,000 objects, of which only 2,500 are shown. The purpose of the museum is to enhance artistic value and increase knowledge about medieval history. At the exit gate, you can find the shopping center where you can buy souvenirs.

16. Amanora Mall

Timings: 11 AM to 10 PM

Entry Fees: No entry fees

Another fun place to add to your Pune itinerary is the Amanora Mall. It is your one-stop shopping center that has everything you need for a fun evening. You are going to love to shop here. In addition to shopping, you can try bowling and other fun activities. No wonder Amanora Mall is people’s favorite hangout place, especially when you are visiting with friends.

17. Della Adventure Park

Timings: 11 AM to 9 PM

Entry Fees: You need a day pass at INR 2000

Are you looking for places to visit in Pune with your family? Well, Della Adventure Park is a perfect tourist destination. The park is for adventure lovers. It has a range of thrilling activities that will keep you entertained for hours. If you are visiting with family, you can try paintballs or rappelling. There are over 50 activities, including archery. You can indulge in whichever activity you like. A day in the Della Adventure Park will be full of excitement and adventure.

18. Sinhagad Fort

Timings: 5 AM to 6 PM

Entry Fee: INR 20 per adult

Also called the Lion Fort, Sinhagad Fort is a historical location built approx 2000 years ago. The location is getting beautiful as it ages and looks even more beautiful during the monsoon. Explore this historical fort with a cup of coffee and have a lovely weekend away from the city’s noise. The fort also houses a brewery, a Kali temple, and a military depot. The place offers glamorous views of the lake on one side and Torna Fort on the other.

19. Pashan Lake

Timing: Open throughout the year

Entry Fee: No fees

Located 12 kilometers' away from the city, you will come across Pashan Lake, a calm and peaceful place where you can enjoy a wonderful vacation with your loved ones. Considered as one of the gorgeous sightseeing locations in Pune, Pashan Lake is your best tourist destination for a great time. Although the water is not fit for drinking, the lake still serves as a picturesque spot that you can visit at any time of the year.

20. Diamond Water Park

Timing: 10 AM to 5:30 PM

Entry Fee: INR 600 per person

Have a wonderful day in Pune at the Diamond Water Park. You can take your kids or friends for a fun time. Indulge in a plethora of water sports or try other adventurous activities. Featuring more than 32 international water rides and over 7 swimming pools, the diamond water park is tourists’ favorite destination, and it’s not hard to see why.

21. Empress Garden

Timing: 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM

Fee: INR 10

The Agri-horticultural Society manages Empress Garden with the aim of protecting rare flora species. Spanning over an area of 39 acres, it is a beautiful destination for nature lovers, as the place offers many picturesque views. Bring your cameras, so you can capture pictures of plants, flowers, and the natural charm of this place.

Bottom Line

There is a broad list of places in Pune, each offering something unique for different travelers. No matter where you come from, you are not returning from Pune unsatisfied. These were the wonderful sightseeing locations and fun places to visit in this city. Hope you have a great vacation.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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