67th Day Of Lockdown

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Lifestyle Travel 11 Apr 2020 As liquor stores dow ...

As liquor stores down their shutters, Goa goes traditional

Published Apr 11, 2020, 12:22 pm IST
Updated Apr 11, 2020, 12:22 pm IST
Hurrack, which is also caled as Feni is a traditional liquor in Goa, which is made from cashew apple juice
Hurrack or Feni
 Hurrack or Feni

Panaji: As the national wide lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid19 downed the shutters for many services, liquor stores in the states across the country shutdown too. But, even as liquor stores in Goa have shut down, Goans are increasingly opting for traditional hurrack as a substitute for other kinds of liquor.

The distilleries manufacturing hurrack, which are found in every nook and cranny of Goan villages, are now being asked to home deliver the brew.


"There is a huge demand for hurrack these days. People have been trying to purchase hurrack by any means possible," said Mac Vaz, founder-president of Cashew Distillers and Bottlers' Association.

Hurrack, which is also called as Feni is a traditional liquor in Goa, which is made from cashew apple juice, is not commercially sold, but is bottled up at backyard distilleries spread across Goan villages.

The traditional way of making Huraack is by crushing the cashew apples manually and fermenting the juice that comes out of it. Then the juice is distilled on wooden fire.

The alcohol content in Feni is nearly 43-45%, which makes it a very strong drink.

A one litre bottle of this costs around Rs 100, and it is important to note that distillers have not hiked the price of this summer brew despite the rise in demand, Vaz adds

Vikas Prabhu, a cashew grower based in Nirancal near Ponda, said most of the hurrack is purchased for home consumption and the drink does not have a long shelf-life.

"People wait for the hurrack season, but the demand for the traditional drink has gone up as wine shops are closed," he said, adding that the brew is a strong substitute for any good quality drink and is affordable.

The rise in demand is helping cashew growers, who are also involved in distilling the cashew apple juice at their farms, Prabhu said.

Meanwhile, president of All Goa Liquor Traders' Association Dattaprasad Naik said they will keep wine shops shut, till the government asks them to do so.
"We support the government in its fight against coronavirus. Wine shops are also one of the most vulnerable places where deadly virus can spread, as people from different sections of the society turn up here," he said.

Location: India, Goa, Panaji