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Instagram reveals 5 most tagged destinations

Published Aug 8, 2017, 6:29 pm IST
Updated Aug 8, 2017, 6:34 pm IST
 5 most tagged destinations on Instagram. (Photo: Pexels)
  5 most tagged destinations on Instagram. (Photo: Pexels)

London: There are many places that we seem to see over and over on our Instagram feeds.

On the first year anniversary of the launch of Instagram stories, the photo-sharing app has revealed the names of the cities that are the top location tags.

According to The Independent, the place that is on the top of the list is Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia on the island of Java.

In second place, it is Sao Paulo in Brazil. New York and London come in in third and fourth position, with Madrid taking fifth place.

The top location tags on Instagram stories:

1) Jakarta, Indonesia


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2) Sao Paulo, Brazil


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3) New York, NY


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4) London, UK


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5) Madrid, Spain


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They also revealed the most popular hashtags, 90% of which are in English:



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2) #WORK


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4) #MOOD


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6) #TBT


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7) #LOVE

8) #HOME


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9) #BOMDIA (meaning hello or good day in Portuguese)

10) #RELAX


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