Warangal opens up a perfect weekend spot

Pandavula Guhalu is a rock-climbing and camping paradise.

The Warangal region of Telangana state has a rich pre-historic heritage and the Pandavula Guhalu is a cave system that’s just waiting to be explored. Situated in the Thirumalagiri village of Regonda Mandal in Warangal, this chain of tiny hillocks lies about 50 kms from Warangal and 195 kms from Hyderabad along the Warangal-Mahadevpur route.

The special topography of this place makes it very conducive for rock climbing too. Which is why specialists from the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club have been asked by to develop this site into what we have at Badami and Hampi in neighbouring Karnataka. However, adventure enthusiasts and fans of mythology can already get started. It’s believed the Pandavas spent time at the site and the region even finds mention in the Mahabharata.

The cave paintings here date back to the pre-historic age and offers a fascinating peek into human history. It’s also believed the Telinga kingdom, which once ruled the region, fought alongside the Pandavas in the great war. The caves are adorned with figures of humans, animals and other symbols. Experts say these cave paintings date back to at least the 7th Century. So, since the weekends are long, Pandavula Guhalu offers an excellent respite from the usual getaways. You can just start your car, pack your camping gear and drive until the tourism outpost here.


From the outpost, there are different paths to the very top. Along the way you will find unique rock formations and cave paintings, making this place a rare combination of geological and human history.

If the place has impressed the outdoorsman in you enough to set up camp, all you need to do is get permission from the tourism officials here. But just make sure you have packed something warm (and good sleeping bags) as the nights here can get very cold and windy.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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