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6 Best Places to Visit in Munnar

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Published on: June 5, 2023 | Updated on: June 6, 2023

Visit the beautiful hill station of Munnar in God's Own country. We have enlisted the best places to visit in Munnar

Munnar is a hill station that reflects paradise and ushers romance.  DC File Image

Munnar is a hill station that reflects paradise and ushers romance. DC File Image

Munnar is a beautiful hill station in the Indian state of Kerala, popularly known as ‘God’s Own Country’. Being a popular tourist destination, Kerala is a biodiversity hotspot having some incredible tourist attractions, and Munnar is one of them. Munnar is a hill station that reflects paradise and ushers romance. There is a charm in this town, and its enchanting natural beauty can speak a thousand words!

Known for its lush green nature and mesmerizing waterfalls, Munnar can be a one-stop holiday destination to escape from mundane life and hectic work schedules. The spectacular hills of this beautiful town in Kerala are magical, with mesmerizing tea plantations, lush vegetation, and a charming climate.

Munnar is a cult hill station in Incredible India located in the Kannan Devan Hills of the Western Ghats at an elevation of 5,200ft above sea level. This town is a stunning yet calming retreat in God’s Own Country, making it a must-visit hill station in India. In this article, you will learn about the best places to visit in Munnar Kerala, and the top reasons you should visit this delightful hill station.

Reasons You Should Visit Munnar

There are endless reasons to visit Munnar, and most importantly, you will love the range of extravagant flora and fauna the town is adorned with. Plus, you should not miss some of the best places to visit in Munnar that entice tourists from across the globe every year. So, here are some mesmerizing reasons you should visit this paradise at least once in your lifetime.

    Experience the Magical View of Waterfalls

Munnar is a place where you can become one with nature. We all love to escape to a tranquil environment and spend hours amidst the beauty of nature. The Munnar waterfalls are one of those relaxing and therapeutic scenic views that you will want to stay forever here! The sound of running water and the magical beauty of the evergreen tea plantations are something to cherish for a lifetime.

Consider visiting some of Munnar’s enchanting waterfalls, including Lakkam Waterfalls, Atukkad Waterfalls, and Naimakkadu Waterfalls. These cascading falls can calm your mind and relax your soul. There are numerous other waterfalls in this town, and if you want some alone time with yourself or your better half, try choosing some of the less visited waterfalls.

    Captivating Wildlife

Munnar is a one-stop destination for wildlife photographers and wildlife lovers. This paradise is home to the most fascinating and dense wildlife sanctuaries, which are among the top places to visit in Munnar. Once you start delivering deeper into the wilderness of these wildlife-protected areas will make you forget the outside world.

On your visit to Munnar, taking a wildlife tour through the Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary is highly recommended. Or you can plan a wildlife spotting trip in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Some other enchanting wildlife sanctuaries include Kurinjimala Sanctuary, Pampadam Shola National Park, and more.

    Pleasant Climate

Munnar is known for its natural charm and beauty, as it has a pleasant climate year-round. This alluring weather is a good reason that attracts tourists from various parts of the world. The liveliness of Munnar’s soothing and relaxing weather and climate has a special appeal amongst visitors.

This hill station in Kerala has charming weather in all seasons, be it summer or winter. The magical beauty of Munnar’s climate has something to offer in every season. In summer, the town is a bright and joyful place. In the monsoons, you will feel Mother Nature being born again with the purest forms of greenery and rejuvenating vegetation. Finally, during the colder months, you will love the enticing and crispier weather conditions.

    Full of Adventure

If you have an adventurous soul who likes to experience even the most thrilling adventures, Munnar is for you. You can enjoy an enthralling vacation in Munnar anytime during the year. If you love accepting challenges and going beyond your limits, then the alluring locales in Munnar are a must-visit.

For example, the top adventurous places to visit in Munnar include astounding peaks like Anumudi and Rajamala, which are rugged terrains perfect for trekking lovers. The challenging peaks will offer a series of adrenaline-rush activities through trekking, mountain biking, hiking, etc. Additionally, many visitors love the idea of paragliding in Munnar for an added feat of adrenaline-pumping adventures.

    Amazing Delicacies

Munnar is highly influenced by Malabar cuisine, a wonderful amalgamation of traditional Kerala cuisine with Persian, Arab, and Turkish cooking techniques and flavors. Besides, this hill station town also caters to the unique tastes of foodies across the globe.

The culinary delights and the temptation of the diverse flavors of Munnar are difficult to resist. The exoticness and aroma of the town’s exclusive Malabar cuisines will increase your cravings, making you miss these yummy dishes even after returning home.

Top Places to Visit in Munnar

So, here are the tourist attractions in this beautiful hill station that you cannot miss on your next visit to Munnar.

1.    Echo Point

When you talk to nature, and it retorts back, isn’t that thrilling? At Munnar’s Echo Point, you can experience this echoing phenomenon. It is allocated at an altitude of 600 ft. and is 15 kilometers from Munnar. From this beautiful Echo Point, you can enjoy a spectacular overview of Munnar’s relaxing climate.

The point is perched in the lap of a claiming view of a lake and misty Kannan Devan Hills covered with an expanse of lush green vegetation. As the name suggests, the place is popular for its echoing effect. It is fun to hear your reverberating voice as you scream.

Another unique beauty of this place is the convergence of three stunning mountain ranges. These include the beautiful conjunction of Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala, making the Echo Point one of the must-visit places in Munnar.

You will love the serenity and calmness of the lake and the mountain views. You can either share some memories with your loved one at the banks of the lake while enjoying the sunset or go boating in the tranquil waters.

Birdwatchers, photographers, and nature lovers can spend hours gazing at nature's beauty and spot many native birds here. Besides, you can catch a rare sight of the Strobilanthes or Neelakurinji flowers that bloom here to enrich Echo Point’s beauty.

2.    Atukkad Waterfalls

Being one of the best places to visit in Munnar in 1 day, Atukkad Waterfalls is situated 2 km from Munnar town and is nestled amidst lush green forests and charming hills. The pristine waterfall is a great picnic site and perfect for escapades and couples.

However, you may need to be careful while driving through the narrow road to the Atukkad Waterfalls. It would be best to hire an experienced driver to prevent mishaps. The mountain path to the waterfalls goes through the forest, giving tourists chills at every step.

Also, the pool at the waterfall’s base is excellent for taking a cool and relaxing dip! So, don’t forget to carry your swimwear. We recommend you visit Munnar during the monsoon months, especially if the trip to the waterfalls is a priority. The main points of interest in these breathtaking Attukad Waterfalls include trekking, rappelling, wildlife sightings, birding, swimming, picnicking, or simply walking through the jungles.

3.    Tea Gardens

The tea gardens are one of the 5 best places to visit in Munnar. These ravishing tea plantations are like heaven on earth. Located several feet above sea level, the Munnar tea plantations boast misty skies and green-carpeted fields. While staring at paradise, you can enjoy a hot, steaming cup of tea with your beloved, friends, family, or your own self.

The splendid tea gardens expand across vast areas of land, and their bewitching charm is surely going to lure you. The list of the most resplendent tea plantations in Munnar that is worth visiting includes Tata Tea or KDHP Museum, Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, Pallivasal Tea Garden, and Sevenmallay Tea Estate.

Of all these tea plantations, the Tata Tea Museum (KDHP Museum) is noteworthy. Situated 2  km from Munnar, the museum houses various antiquities, of which the burial urn is the most famous. The burial urn was excavated from the Periakanal Estate’s vicinity and can be dated back to the 2nd century AD.

The visitors will be taken through a 30-minute documentary featuring the historical aspects of the museum. Then, tourists can proceed to the factory to understand the detailed tea processing methods.

4.    Rajamalai (Eravikulam) National Park

This national park, located near the Western Ghats in Kerala’s Idukki and Ernakulam districts, is worth taking a visit for its breathtaking top views. Nature lovers and photographers should not miss the Rajamalai (Eravikulam) National Park, as they can enjoy a spectacular view from the top.

You can reach the top by trekking or taking the park’s bus. Be aware that private vehicles are not allowed here since the roads are narrow. Don’t worry; there is a parking spot at the entry point. You will have a great experience enjoying the misty views while traveling from the base of the park to the zenith.

The entry ticket for the Rajamalai (Eravikulam) National Park is 200, and it would be best to book tickets online to avoid the long queues. You can book the tickets online at your convenience and select the most suitable time slots. The restroom and cafeteria are located at the top, allowing you to experience the charming top views while sipping a cup of coffee.

5.    Mattupetty Dam

Mattupetty Dam is situated near Munnar’s Idukki District and is something beyond just a water storage dam. This dam offers a wonderful scenic view, and you can also participate in some exciting water activities, such as speed boating. The water body that forms around the Mattupetty Dam is often termed Mattupetty Lake.

This gravity dam is made of concrete, and several sections of this water storage facility can work independently. The Mattupetty Dam spreads over a wide area of 323.75 hectares and can hold 55.4 million cubic meters of water.

The Mattupetty Lake is a perennial lake, meaning it never dries up, even in the hotter months. The lake can swell up to its maximum water-holding capacity during the monsoons as the raid adds more volume to it.

Since the lake never runs out of water, it is a favorite spot among birds and other wildlife, who depend on this water reservoir to quench their thirst. Interestingly, you can even spot elephants here, as Mattupetty Lake is a crucial water source for them when they roam around this area in groups.

6.    Rose Gardens

The charming Rose Gardens of Munnar is brimming with a large variety of plant species, including flowers, crops, and spices, such as cardamom and vanilla, and a range of fruit trees. Spreading over 2 acres of land, the Rose Gardens is the best place to visit in Munnar with family.

The agricultural plantations emanate mesmerizing aromas together with alluring colors and breathtaking sights, making your stay at Munnar’s Rose Gardens a treat for the eyes and the olfactory sense. The colorful rose varieties and heart-warming blossoms make the place heavenly.

Furthermore, the range of fruit tree species includes litchi, amla, strawberry, and Rumbuta. Among the fresh vegetables are cabbage, cauliflowers, potato, and beans that are found on the plantation farms. And if you love gardening, you can buy seeds of flowering plants from here and build your own garden back at home.

Final Word

Everything about Munnar is a treat to the eyes - from its tranquil, cascading waterfalls to the lush green tea plantations. Taking a road trip to Munnar will be more adventurous and thrilling, as you can enjoy the scenic hilly views and travel through the challenging pathways. This list of the best places to visit in Munnar Kerala will help you take some valuable memories with you that you can cherish for a lifetime.

If you are bored with the hectic and monotonous work schedules, take a road trip to Munnar. Go hiking or trekking on the hilly windways to spice up your tour and come back with a fresh mind. Don't miss out on the above-mentioned tourist attractions to make your Munnar trip more memorable!

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