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Seven reasons why people do not go for a trip

Published Aug 3, 2017, 2:29 pm IST
Updated Aug 10, 2017, 1:33 pm IST
From being afraid of getting robbed to running out of money we list seven reasons why people do not want to travel.
While one may be afraid of several things going wrong while on a trip, there are always alternatives and having a backup plan helps as well (Photo: Pixabay)
 While one may be afraid of several things going wrong while on a trip, there are always alternatives and having a backup plan helps as well (Photo: Pixabay)

Have been planning to travel for a long time but you are putting it off indefinitely? Do you keep on telling yourself that perhaps this is not the best time, or that the weather now is not best suited for travel?

While there are people who love travelling at the drop of a hat, there are others who simply do not want to pack their bags and venture out. The reasons may be many, here are seven possibilities why you are not up for travel

Fear of loneliness: Do you generally treasure your personal space but get squeamish when it comes to travelling alone? You are not alone and the fear is not completely irrational. However, like they say, great things happen when you step out of your comfort zone. Venturing out alone gives you an opportunity to see and experience the world differently. When travelling with other people, you are less likely to make friends or spend hours at a local coffee shop, just soaking in the charm & ambiance of the place.

Afraid of being robbed or stranded: A not so pleasant truth about travelling is that you put yourself at risk of being pick-pocketed. Don’t let this fear stop you from travelling alone. Take this risk with a pinch of salt but exercise caution, be alert and don’t be too trusting of strangers.Always pack a small bag that you can carry around when sightseeing, so you can keep your passport, some cash, power bank, your favorite lingerie and a snack in case you get stranded.

Running out of money: Ending up in a foreign land with no money to spare can leave you helpless. So, if you’re scared of a similar situation, prepare well so you don’t end up in one. Always keep cash / local currency handy and have secret stashes in multiple pockets & bags. Research about ATMs and currency exchange centers before leaving for your destination.

Limited social skills: If you are an introvert or believe that you have limited social skills, try travelling solo. Since you’d be on your own, you’d end up interacting with people instead of shooting from someone else’s shoulder. Along the way, you will meet different types of people, some interesting and some you’d rather not, but hey, it’s all part of the experience.

Unable to find food: One of the few things you might genuinely miss while travelling is familiar food. Not just the food from your kitchen but also the food from your favorite deli or pizzeria. Get over this fear and be ready to treat your taste buds to new experiences. However, if you know for sure that food is going to be a problem, carry your own stock.

Dirty toilets: Don’t let this fear get the better of you, step out and explore. Remember that people around the world have bladders too. With enough travel experience, hunting for a toilet on-the-go gets easier. A word of caution though; be prepared for dirty toilets.  Carry toilet paper, disposable toilet seat covers, urination device  and hand sanitizers to save the day.

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