A nature stay that nurtures you

At Cardamom Club, you can combine the gentle-art of walking with healing aromas that therapeutically cleanse your system

Tucked away in an idyllic landscape with ancient trees, waterfalls, spice plantations and forests is Kerala’s Ayurveda focussed spa resort, Niraamaya Cardamom Club.

This 13-room exclusive resort serenades your senses with expansive mountain views, forest pool in the lap of dense nature and simple home-style food with locally sourced spices.

The morning healing walks are at your own pace as the terrain offers you moments of intensity and long stretches of slow-walking as you take in the terrains most amazing aromas of healing herbs from neighbouring plantations. From cinnamon bark to the fresh aroma of ripening jackfruit, Cardamom Club is not a place for the rushed traveller.

Staff drawn from across India have a healing quality about them. Soft-spoken, hygienic and with a complete focus on service Shivananda Ashok and his team make the restaurant come alive during meal times. Sharing stories of health, happiness and folklore, they keep you suitably entertained.

Spa therapies that are rooted in ancient Ayurveda take care of pigmentation, muscle pains, skin health and replenish your body with aromatic blends from Ayurvedic spice concoctions. Indu the therapist draws on her experience to also recommend plants you can buy and grow from the Ayurvedic nursery.

While you’re there you would notice that the way this place is geographically positioned, experiences are curated and trained staff serve you, are all to promote healing, relaxation and a safe space for introspection and progress. And as you’re experiencing this don’t forget to indulge in their healthy sweet-ginger chips.

  • Visit the Elephant Junction, where you can feed and shower with the lovely rescues. There are sweet tempered elephants that have been rescued from timber trade and circuses. They happily feed on jackfruit and coconut leaves. Karthika, the manager gives you a ringside view of these elephants.
  • Catch a show of Kathakali by a local family who are doing their best to keep the tradition alive.
  • The rugged Kerala boys put on a show every evening at their Kanthanadu Martial Arts centre. It’s an hour long entertainment show with music and an interactive audience.
  • Take a boat ride along the Periyar Tiger Reserve or just get on a jeep for a safari into the woods and trek from there.

Getting There:

Closest Airport: Madurai

Contact : +91 9072900087 (Ashok)

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