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Deccan Chronicle.| Apsara Reddy

Published on: July 1, 2022 | Updated on: July 18, 2022

Jannath is one high-on-design home in Kullu allows you to take in the culture and comfort of the region in equal measure



We are a roving race, we like to pace it up, pack up in moments, and get going! Travel usually is about ‘things you got to do’. But to have your soul filled to the brim with fresh air, rolling valleys, lush mountains and the warmth of true hospitality is rare. Jannath by Poonam Choudhary is one such experience. Her high-on-design home in Kullu allows you to take in the culture and comfort of the region in equal measure.

"I come from a family where hospitality as a virtue and celebratory dinners were the norm. We were always entertaining guests, and our brand of hosting was going all out. We would stop at nothing to ensure our guests were taken care of. My grandparents and parents always paid special attention to how people were welcomed, how food was planned and served - and if the guests were staying over, we would even plan their bedding and linen in great detail," says Poonam, who now extends the same principles to her Homestay in the hills of Kullu in an orchard village called Kais.

Self-contained and surrounded by fruit trees in one of the most pristine areas of Kullu, Jannath offers round-the-clock housekeeping, home-style meals and an itinerary that helps you explore the cultural sights and sounds of the region. Complete with wrap-around balconies and a modern kitchenette, the home is kitted with top-class utilities and allows you to sink in and let the geography play on your senses. Silence is the guiding principle. Loud music isn’t permitted and guests are encouraged to take walks, come together over hearty meals and take in the statement decor that has been lovingly curated by Poonam.

Getting There:

Nearest Airport: Bhuntar

Contact Poonam at 9052480083.

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