Top Performers Pay Homage to Tyagaraja

Hyderabad: A musical tribute in keeping with the tradition of paying homage to the saint-composer Thyagaraja was conducted by two premier classical music organisations of the city. Kalasagaram and Sharada Cultural Trust worked in tandem in organising the customary Thyagaraja Aradhana.

The Thyagaraja Aradhana is held on the death anniversary of the saint-composer. This is the 56th year that Kalasagaram is conducting the event.

Classical musicians across the spectrum join on this day to pay homage to the patron saint. They render the five Pancharatna Kritis —‘Jagadanandakaraka’ in the raga Nattai, ‘Dudukugala Nanne’ in the raga Goula, ‘Sadinchane’ in the raga Arabhi, ‘Kanakana Ruchira’ in the raga Varali and ‘Endaro Mahanubhavulu’ in the raga Srirangam.

The artistes who performed in the morning hours of Sunday included Haripriya of the Hyderabad Sisters, Srividya Janakiraman, Ranjani Sampath, Jayapradha, Aruna, Padma, Shyamala Srinivasan, Kamala Ramani, Prema Ramamurthy, Sundari Janakiraman, Geetha Venkatesan, Ayyagari Sridevi, Kanthi Swaroop, Dr Venkatachary and Vasa Gopinath.

They were accompanied on the violin by V.S.P. Gayatri Shivani and B. Janakiraman and on the mridangam by D.S.R. Murthy, P. Jaya Bhaskar, and T.P. Balasubramanian.

The event was witnessed by a packed audience at the Kalasagaram auditorium in Secunderabad. The organisers not only ensured that every top performer available in the city came over to pay homage but played perfect host to a sumptuous lunch thereafter.

The rendition of the Pancharatna Kritis was followed by individual Kritis of Thyagaraja by some of the artistes.

Haripriya, Aruna and Padma performed ‘Paramathmudu’ in the raga Vagadheeswari, Sreevidya Janakiraman rendered ‘Inta Tamasamaite’ in the raga Saveri, V.S.P. Gayatri Shivani rendered ‘Sri Narada Muni’ in the raga Bhairavi, R. Vembu Pushkala rendered ‘Emani Pogadudura’ in the raga Veera Vasantham, Sumedha Ramesh ‘Pakkala Nilabadi’ in the raga Kharaharapriya and Dhruva on the violin rendered ‘Dunmarga’ in the raga Ranjani.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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