Groom's 'snake dance' provokes bride to recoil in horror; wants out of wedding

Apparently all that hissing was no mating call. But wait, there's a shocking plot twist. Read on to find out.

The 'nagin dance' also known as the snake dance is very popular at Indian weddings and functions. However, a cringe-worthy performance by a drunk groom in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday provoked his bride to bow out of the wedding just before the rituals were about to take place.

Apparently all that hissing had the 23-year-old bride embarrassed and annoyed. The families of Anubhav Mishra and Priyanka Tripathi, who reportedly belonged to the same community in the city of Shahjahanpur, had already exchanged gifts and performed pre-wedding rituals before the regretful incident that cost this groom big time, the Times of India reported.

Media reports reveal the groom showed up to his wedding drunk and started swaying to the 'nagin song' while his friends showered him with money. In this case, the rhythm did get him, horrifying Tripathi and her family.

The slithering groom’s family tried to desperately persuade the 23-year-old bride to change her mind. The contention got so heated that police were called to the scene. But it was too late and the wedding was called off. On Wednesday, the families had to return their gifts at the Chowki Kotwali police station.

In a shocking plot twist, the report also reveals Mishra might have found her happy ending the very next day when she married another man. Hopefully, he dared not attempt the dance at this wedding.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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