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Celeb relationships decoded

Published Dec 29, 2016, 12:00 am IST
Updated Dec 29, 2016, 7:01 am IST
Curious if they are a couple or not? Body language experts interpret a few celebrity couple’s mannerisms
Anushka and Virat
 Anushka and Virat

People continuously throw off a storm of signals. From facial expressions and body movements to the tone of their voice — the micro expressions we give off helps others read us. In fact, body language is also a great gauge of how a relationship is faring — especially with celebs who are constantly under the radar. Sometimes it’s obvious that a relationship is going great or through a rough patch, even if they are trying to convince people otherwise. Body language expert Kavyal Sedani decodes the relations of some top celebrity couples.

Anushka and Virat
Both are extremely accomplished people in their own fields of work. The body language shows a clear sense of authority and individuality. With Anushka walking ahead of Virat, it could also mean that while they are in a relationship, they also maintain their own spaces and their own worlds individually. Both of them may be attached and yet not dependent on each other. Anushka probably could be a lead taker and someone who won’t waste time lingering in the past. It could also mean she knows what she wants and she knows how to work towards getting it. The ease with which Virat is walking in the background shows a sense of security in letting his woman take the lead. While the relationship could be a high-profile one, neither is dependent on the relationship for personal growth and happiness.


Sushant and Kriti
There is a definite chemistry, comfort zone and a deep connect between the two as their body language is almost mirroring each other. Both seem at ease and in alignment with each other’s thought process. Coming from humble backgrounds where both have had to work their way up, they seem happy and content to have made it so far. When you are fortunate to have a connect like that, you want to protect it from the ruthless ups and downs of Bollywood. Hence the quiet on the public declaration.

Alia and Sidharth
There is a beautiful sense of respect and yet a casualness about being around each other. The easy distance in the body language shows more BFFs rather than lovers. With the bodies turned towards each other completely, it could also mean that both would be protective about each other and share a unique
friendship which they do not want to explain. Sometimes, when there is a deep understanding among two close friends, it can be emotionally mistaken for love and attraction. That could possibly be the reason for the on-off status between the two.


Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone
Ranveer’s hold on Deepika’s hand is a definite ‘Let me take care of you’ hold. His body language always spells power and a little bit of impatience. Whereas Deepika’s body language spells ‘restraint and poise’. While their case would be an ‘opposite energies attract and complement each other’, in the long run, ‘opposite energies also fatigue each other out’. Deepika’s body language shows she’s happy to flow and be taken care off by her man whereas Ranveer draws power from being the Man in his woman’s life.


Salman and Iulia Vantur
Salman definitely comes across as the family man who values the family group more. On the other hand, in his direction, Iulia is seen smiling, lovingly, happy and proud of the man she is with. This could look like a one-sided relationship with one giving more than the other. As a result, insecurities and possessiveness could soon creep in, making the relationship complicated.

John and Priya
All marriages are not made in heaven. Some are made in the head as a practical decision for a stable future. The body language of John and Priya, (standing close together yet looking in two opposite corners) distinctly shows two strong people who have a mind of their own. Ambitions and dreams that are different from each other but maybe a common source or method to get through them. It could mean that staying together would become a matter of intent rather than need. With John’s straight gaze, it tells us he has a level-headed approach and a practical outlook towards life. On the other hand, Priya (with her gaze tilting towards another corner) might be the perfectionist who doesn’t like to miss out on any details. Both may want to live on their own terms and that may become a cause for concern.