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A new wearable device tells people how to boost their sex life

Published Nov 28, 2016, 4:18 pm IST
Updated Nov 28, 2016, 6:26 pm IST
It connects to a phone via bluetooth (Photo: YouTube)
 It connects to a phone via bluetooth (Photo: YouTube)

For the uninitiated, Fitbit is a popular gadget which measures health data and records information like number of steps walked, heart rate, quality of sleep and steps climbed. Now, someone has finally come up with a similar device which can work wonders for sexual health.

The new sex toy named Lovely is like Fitbit for your penis, as it keeps a track of calories burned during sex, number of thrusts and a person’s speed in bed.

Made out of stretchy and smooth silicone, the ring like device is body safe and is instrumental for figuring out what you enjoy most in bed and suggests positions and things to explore in bed with the data it consistently shares on the Lovely App.

The device connects to a phone via Bluetooth and battery lasts for seven hours when not vibrating and two hours when not vibrating. Other than the penis, it can be used on dildos, fingers and sex toys as well.

Simply put, the device enables you to get advise for better sex life just by checking your phone after intercourse.


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