Women are trying this new technique to fulfil their carnal desires

The sensual act of Yoni Massage is the prodigal new kid in the block.

Turns out, women have found a new bizarre way for carnal pleasure. The new technique is claimed to be the best way out there.

The sensual act of Yoni Massage is the prodigal new kid in the block. Involving intimate touching of the vagina, the massage is believed to boost the sensitivity and harmony of the area.

It involves a full-body rubdown before paying close and intense attention to the erogenous areas on a woman's body. It also requires massaging and soothing the vaginal walls.

The tantric practice is usually carried out by certified professionals. It is believed to help to harmonise mind and body, soothing anxiety, boosting sexual energy, and improving orgasm magnitude.

Surprisingly, the sensual practice need not always end with a climax.

According to the Daily Star, some males have tried and mastered the technique to please their partners in bed.

Many people have taken to social media to declare their love for the yoni massage.

A Reddit user, "After a few times, I can say it's the most intense sexual experience I've had, and she was totally spent afterwards. Glowing from the orgasm. An hour and a half sweaty wet massage will do that. Not to mention it's built trust and intimacy faster".

Another self-proclaimed expert on the practice added, "It's a life changer. My last girlfriend was so overwhelmed she said it's raised the bar on what she thought sexual pleasure was".

While guys are feeling smug, women are also not behind in singing praises of the practice on social media channels.

( Source : ANI )
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