Break' free from the past

City based youth are coming up with innovative ways to avoid interacting with their exes, should their paths cross.

Ever spotted your ex and didn’t know how to avoid them? With social networking sites in full swing, people have all access cards to each other at all points of time. But youngsters today have figured out innovative ways to avoid exes without being too harsh! A few films like Dil Chahta Hai, Kal Ho Naa Ho and Happy Ending also exhibit ways to avoid confrontation.

In the former, Aamir Khan ducks behind a bush to avoid speaking to a girl; in Kal Ho Naa Ho, Saif Ali Khan tries to avoid an awkward confrontation with his girlfriend at a disco by introducing his friend as his parents, while in Happy Ending, Saif again jumps off the roof of his house to avoid his girlfriend! Youngsters in the city share their more reliable techniques in case of such situations.

“I got tired of making excuses as to why I couldn’t meet one guy who kept pestering me. So when he told me he wanted to see me for the 5th time that week, I told him to go look at my Instagram, and added an emoji with the tongue out so it wouldn’t sound too rude. Needless to say, he got the point,” reveals Madhuri Kumar, a corporate employee.

Running into an ex when you are dating someone new, is every person’s worst nightmare! Cell phones are a blessing in disguise for many, stuck in awkward situations! “When I walked into a nightclub, I spotted my ex. And before I could make a run for it, she came up to talk to me and my girlfriend. I pretended I got a call from home and made up an excuse about a family emergency, and left with my girlfriend,” admits Sachin Chhabria, a software engineer.

With quite a few tricks up her sleeve, Shweta Sarvanann admits “I’m slightly introverted so I use that as an excuse. I went out with a guy from work a few times, and ever since, he’s been pestering me to meet again so now I just plug my earphones in at all times, even when I’m not listening to anything. So when he comes up and tries to talk to me, and I don’t respond, he can’t get offended,” giggles the 23-year-old, slyly.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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