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Pandemic couples bond over skincare twining

Deccan Chronicle| Nivi Shrivastava

Published on: August 23, 2021 | Updated on: August 23, 2021

Skincare products are the latest common ground that couples have found sharing face washes, lip balms, shampoos

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone in an ad post wedding where they are seen grooming themselves together

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone in an ad post wedding where they are seen grooming themselves together

The time couples have been spending together indoors has been all-encompassing. Since the pandemic struck, the lives of many people completely revolve around their partners. The latest relationship goal seems to be twining on skincare products and rituals at home.
We find out why this idea is a win-win for both partners.

Glowing in love

Taking the idea of intimacy a step forward, many beauty brands are encouraging men and women to use their bestselling products under unisex categories. These are basic requirements for general skincare applicable to everyone, so why segregate?
Inspired by their better halves, many men now love to pamper themselves with fruity and fragrant cosmetics that were earlier termed too ‘girly’.
"In general, men have become more conscious about personal grooming and understand the importance of skincare. The demand is definitely increasing. Beauty products that are used by both genders these days include face wash, serums, toners, SPF sunscreens, and moisturizers," say Abhinav Tibdewal and Puja Majithia. They are a couple, and also Co-founders at Hair Saint India.
"As a couple, we use similar products and we find that it involves both of us in a common activity, which is a bonus," they say, adding, "Using a common beauty product helps in building a stronger relationship between the couple. As the saying goes ‘sharing is caring’. Also, it helps in breaking the gender barrier, as it creates more gender equality in the  home."

Saving on extra buy

Couples have been spending so much time together that they no longer mind sharing their beauty secrets with one another. "The same skincare products are usually used by both genders. Face wash and lip balms are popular choices," notes Fumi Manabe, senior manager, overseas retail, at DHC.

With self-care becoming increasingly important, having common beauty products takes bonding to a whole new level. Manabe says, "Sharing makes everything fun and that includes skincare. Products like face wash, powder and lip cream suit all genders well, so it’s no surprise that they are global bestsellers, equally loved by all. It's most likely the man who would dip into his partner’s stash, especially if she’s a skincare enthusiast. Sharing would involve not just using her beauty products but also understanding which ones to use, how to use them correctly, and make the most of them." She adds a note of caution – "One thing to keep in mind while sharing skincare products would be to always use them with clean hands, to avoid contamination."

Exploring common interests

According to beauty experts, since the lockdown, there’s been a marked across-the-board increase in demand for self-care products and specialist products like face serums. Face washes, body washes, shampoos, and moisturizers are products that are commonly used across genders, roughly in that order. Even oils and hair masks are seeing a very high level of interest of late.

Shankar Prasad, founder of Pureplay Skin Sciences, talks about his experiences sharing beauty products with his other half. "We share most items at home, despite each of us having our own preferences, particularly when it comes to the choice of fragrance. For starters, the evaluation of the product itself becomes a good conversation topic, as well as an acknowledgment of the diversity of thought. Trying and reviewing a product that one's better half has purchased is also a fun exercise sometimes, as even the best of intentions and researching can sometimes go completely off-target."

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