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Expert says how erections in men change from their 20s to their 70s

Published Mar 23, 2017, 4:26 pm IST
Updated Mar 23, 2017, 4:27 pm IST
Every decade in a man's life affects erection and also the chances of erectile dysfunction.
The 40s bring along a lot of change, but some effort can manage things (Photo: Pixabay)
 The 40s bring along a lot of change, but some effort can manage things (Photo: Pixabay)

Among a lot of things men give importance to when it comes to performance in bed, a strong and long lasting erection seems to be every man’s idea of giving an orgasm and a great sexual experience to their partner.

But with emergence of internet porn, mental health issues and a hectic and often exhausting lifestyle, erectile issues have been growing among men, as quality of erections decline. An expert talks about the way a man’s penis experiences erections at different stages of their lives.



In these young and energetic years, the libido stays high and erections are frequent as well as spontaneous since little simulation is needed for it. Men might even get erections out of the blue without even wanting them, although such behaviour does have a risk of premature ejaculation.


The 30s might be a much more balanced phase, as the libido remains healthy without being overwhelming. Even as spontaneous erections become fewer, the quality of erection endures and results in a good sex life.


The 40s are an age when a lot of changes start happening, and while it may take more effort for an erection, things aren’t all that bad since the quality of erection stays good and the performance in bed that follows is worth the effort, which may come naturally with experience.



Sex doesn’t really lose its importance in a person’s life with age, but the years that pass do take a toll on the desire and sex drive of a man. Morning wood and night time erections are rare, but some effort in sex life may help.


This decade is when sex drive diminishes and although erectile dysfunction isn’t prevalent, chances increase with time. Men can still attain an erection, although it does take a lot of coercion for that.


This is the point of time when men really retire, and with a drastic decline in libido, quality of erection also goes down. Spontaneous erections become a very rare occurrence for men at this stage of life.