Study sheds light on the number of times women think of sex in a day

The study was conducted by asking college students to note down every time a sexual thought crosses their mind.

Sex is a major part of life for men and women alike across the globe and everyone thinks of intercourse from time to time, whether they have sex frequently or not. But it isn’t exactly known how much people think of sex in a day, although it may vary.

A study has now come up with the answer to this very elusive question, as it sheds light on how many times women think of sex per day on an average. After asking college students between ages 18 and 25 to note down every time they have sexual thoughts, the study concluded that women think of sex 18 times a day.

While it reiterates the notion that men think of sex more than women, but it wasn’t every seven seconds but actually 34 times day. Men also thought about food and sleep more than women do.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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