Unsafe sex might be a new fetish for thrill-seeking couples

Couples going for risky sex don't see it as immoral as long as both consent to it.

Several campaigns have been launched over the years to highlight the importance of using condoms and practicing safe sex in order to prevent spread of HIV and other STDs. Celebrities, world leaders and other influential voices have time and again called on people to use protection during intercourse, but despite a lot of progress, some loopholes remain.

While fetishes are fine and every couple has their own sexual practices among which BDSM, group sex and role plays are known to be few, a worrying trend which gives way to unsafe sex practices is being increasingly taken up by people across the world.
These couples do realise the importance of safe sex, but also mention that if both are adults and consent to it, then there’s nothing wrong with doing it without a condom. Not wearing a condom is more fun to many since it’s the physical sensation of the act that they enjoy the most.

An expert suggests that having unsafe sex also has a lot to do with the thrill of being in danger or getting caught that seems to add spice to sex life for a lot of couples. It was also seen that it’s all about the psychological thrill since many couples who didn’t use condoms did later go for contraceptive pills to avoid pregnancies.

Safe sex is important and HIV is the leading cause of deaths in Africa and many other parts of the world, but many young people see having risky sex as their right and say that if two people consent it’s their own choice. Some say that this thinking develops since many don’t consider sex as something serious that requires a person to be mature enough.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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